High-Visibility Safety Vest Buying Guide

In this buying guide we discuss the detailed factors for choosing the right safety vest to protect yourself and your workers. If you work in an industry which poses physical risk, then your safety needs to be taken seriously. A protective high-visibility safety vest is important to keep workers as safe as possible. Also known … Read more

Jobs That Require a Safety Vest

This article discusses the different jobs that require a safety vest, and the applications where safety vests are essential. Looking to purchase a safety vest? We recommend reading our High-Visibility Safety Vest Buying Guide. Jobs That Require a High-Visibility Safety Vest High-Visibility Safety Apparel (HVSA) is a type of high-visibility clothing that is a necessity … Read more

Types of Safety Vests

Safety vests, also known as reflective vests, are designed to increase the visibility of a worker in hazardous environments. Below we describe the types of safety vests available and what they’re best used for. Construction, firefighting, security, traffic control and other jobs expose workers to signficant risk from moving vehicles and equipment. Safety measures such … Read more

Why Should You Wear a Safety Vest?

If you are involved in the construction industry, you must know how to handle your workers’ safety. Supplying high-visibility safety vests to all your workers is a mandatory step to protect them from danger. But aside from occupational safety requirements, why should you wear a safety vest? Safety vests provide high visibility to construction workers, … Read more

What is a High-Visibility Vest?

A high visibility vest is a safety garment worn by workers in dangerous environments for easy visual detection by others to avoid accidents. These vests are made with light fluorescent fabric in bright colors, with wide reflective stripes prominently running over it. To understand better as to what a high visibility vest is, we need … Read more

ANSI Class 2 vs. Class 3 Safety Vests

This article describes the detailed differences between ANSI class 2 vs. class 3 safety vests, and when each type of vest is required. Want to learn more about choosing the right safety vest? Check out our High-Visibility Safety Vest Buying Guide. When it comes to safety, you need to determine what types of safety vests … Read more

What Makes Hi-Vis Vests Reflective?

In this article we dive into what makes hi-vis vests reflective, including the types of reflective materials used, and their pros and cons. Are you in the market to buy safety vests for your team? Check out our High-Visibility Safety Vest Buying Guide. Hi-vis vests are made from reflective materials to reflect light coming from … Read more

ANSI Class 1 vs Class 2 Safety Vests

In this article we detail the differences between ANSI Class 1 vs. Class 2 safety vests, and the conditions when each must be worn. Want to learn more about choosing the correct safety vest? We recommend reading our High-Visibility Safety Vest Buying Guide. Reasons for Class 1 vs. Class 2 Safety Vests According to the … Read more

Are Safety Vests Required by OSHA?

Wearing a safety vest during dangerous working conditions is highly recommended for everyone involved. But are safety vests required by OSHA? Find out in this article. Looking to buy the right safety vests for your employees? Check out our High-Visibility Safety Vest Buying Guide. OSHA Safety Vest Requirements United States Department of Labor asserts that … Read more

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