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Do you want to write for us? SelectSafety is always looking for high-quality unique articles that our readers will get great value from. We are looking for value-added content from safety experts (survival, personal defense, OSHA, etc.), safety instructors, experienced professionals and expert enthusiasts.

Our site brings in tens of thousands of organic visitors per month and is rapidly growing as a premier global safety resource.

Guest Post Requirements

#1 Your article must be on one or more of the following general topics:

  • Animal Safety
  • Automotive Safety
  • Child Safety
  • Cutting Safety
  • Defense / Tactical
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Emergency Safety
  • Environmental Safety
  • Eye Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Home Safety
  • Outdoor Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Sports Safety
  • Survival / Prepping
  • Travel Safety
  • Water Safety
  • Weather Safety
  • Welding Safety
  • Woodworking Safety
  • Workplace Safety
  • Product Reviews (e.g. tools, safety equipment, helmets, etc.) IMPORTANT: We only publish real first-hand product reviews with unique photos or videos. We do not accept research-based reviews that merely summarize information that’s already available.
  • Technical & “How To” Safety Information (e.g. safety techniques, data tables, statistics, FAQs, safety protocols, playbooks, checklists, etc.)

#2 Content Requirements

  • 100% unique content — we do not accept spun or synicated articles (we Copyscape check every article to ensure it does not violate any copyrights)
  • Written in U.S. English (“color” not ‘colour’)
  • Free of grammatical errors. Please provide “ready to publish” quality content.
  • Between 600 and 1500 words
  • Titles with Initial Caps, not exceeding 70 characters
  • Use of correct H1, H2, H3, bulleted lists and numbered lists
  • No more than 1 dofollow link can be included in the article (usually this is to your site). You may include reference links to high-authority sources, however we will nofollow those links. We do not allow links on our site to low quality or irrelevant sites, and reserve the right to reject or remove any link. [NOTE: You may not 301 redirect any links (we check them periodically). If we discover a 301 redirect we will delete your article.]
  • Include a short author bio ( < 150 words) with relevant experience, certifications and/or demonstrated interest
  • Include your personal author social media accounts if relevant.
  • Do not include images or videos. If we need images or videos, we will request them from you.

#3 Submit Your Guest Post for Review


Use the form below to submit your guest post or guest post ideas. We will respond with further details by email within a few business days.

    Guest Posting / Guest Blogging Benefits

    Some benefits of high-quality guest posting with us:

    • Strong, relevant niche backlinks to your site(s)
    • Build your brand authority and recognition with relevant links
    • Attract targeted organic click-through leads to your site

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