Honda EB5000 Generator Error Codes & Fixes

The Honda EB5000 generator provides enough power to run the devices you need. However, some troubles can appear while using it, including:

Error – The Engine Does Not Start


The generator engine will not start if the engine switch is in the “Off” position, or the fuel valve lever is set to “Off”. The unit may be out of fuel, or the fuel is old. The oil level may also be too low causing the oil alert to stop the engine. The spark plug may be having a problem and need replacement or reconnection.

If the engine is flooded, the spark plug could be too wet with fuel. The spark plug may need its gap cleaned out. The fuel filter may be blocked and need cleaning.


Turn the engine switch to “On”. Add oil if the level is too low. Clean the gap in the spark plug or replace it. If the fuel is stale, drain the fuel tank and refill it with fresh fuel. If the engine is flooded, move the unit to a flat smooth surface and try restarting after 10 minutes. If the problem continues, contact a Honda-authorized service center.

Error – Engine is Low on Power


The engine will produce low power if the fuel is old or is the wrong mixture. The air filter may be blocked or dirty or the fuel filter is restricted. The carburetor, ignition, or valves may have problems that need to be addressed.


Inspect the air filter and clean or replace it if needed. If the fuel is old or stale, drain the fuel tank and carburetor and refill with fresh fuel. If the carburetor, ignition, or valves seem to have a problem, consider taking the unit to an authorized Honda servicing facility for further assistance.

Error – AC Ports Do Not Provide Power


The AC ports will not provide power if the AC circuit breaker is in the “Off” position or the AC circuit protector is tripped. The GFCI system (ground fault circuit interrupter) may be active or an internal circuit is overheated. A connected appliance may be faulty. Or, the generator may have an unknown fault that needs repair.


Check all connected devices for faults and replace them with ones that are functioning properly. Reset the AC circuit breaker and check if the GFCI is active. If it is, press the “Reset” button. Reset the circuit protector of the AC port. Stop the engine and allow the generator to sit for several minutes and restart it.

If the problem continues, contact a Honda servicing center for more assistance.

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