Why is MIG Welding Better Than TIG Welding?

MIG welding has some impressive features that make it better and more flexible than TIG welding, such as: No sticking electrode: The electrode in the MIG welding method never sticks to the base metal, so it’s easier to weld. The tungsten electrode in TIG welding tends to get stuck to the base metal, requiring a … Read more

MIG Welding Checklist for Beginners

Using a MIG welder comes with very minimal requirements and a few things to master. Follow this simple sequence and you’ll quickly be on your way to laying down decent quality welds. Step #1: Get the Right Welding Wire Make sure you’re using the right electrode wire — either gasless flux core wire or a … Read more

How Does MIG Welding Work?

If you’re planning to get into welding, you must choose the welding method that fits your needs and helps you do your job well. The MIG welding method is arguably the most convenient method to learn, especially if you’re just starting your welding journey. You can weld sophisticated metal joints with MIG, using either shielding … Read more

Can You Use a MIG Welder Without Gas?

Yes, there is one way to use a MIG welder without gas: Use flux-cored wire, rather than argon/CO2 or helium, to shield the weld puddle. MIG Welding Without Gas Using Flux-Cored Wire Creating a protective gas layer doesn’t necessarily require an expensive gas cylinder. Flux-cored wire creates its own shielding gas around the weld puddle … Read more

How To MIG Weld Aluminum?

Though welding aluminum is less suitable in MIG welding machines than TIG welding, it can be done effectively if the right procedure is followed. MIG machines can effectively weld aluminum materials over 14 gauge. You need the right filler wire and spool gun, shielding gas, power settings, wire feed speed, surface preparation and surface temperature … Read more

What Kind of Welder Do I Need?

“What kind of welder do I need?” is a very common question for people looking to buy a new welder. In this article, we describe the different types of welders and which ones match your requirements best. Different Types of Welders and What They Do Before deciding on the right welder for your situation, you … Read more

How To Weld Without a Welder

There are many reasons to join pieces of metal together. Whether you’re doing it professionally or working on a DIY project, the most common way to weld is to use a welder. But what if you don’t own a welder or don’t know how to weld? In this article we show you how to weld … Read more

Can You MIG Weld Stainless Steel?

Welding stainless steel using MIG can be more complicated than TIG welding. The right selection of gases and the right settings for your machine are critical. Once you understand how MIG welding stainless works, you’ll find it pretty straightforward. Can You Weld Stainless Steel With a MIG Welder? Yes you can weld stainless steel using … Read more

How To Choose a MIG Welder

Are you thinking about buying a MIG welder and want to make the best choice? One size does not fit all with MIG welders. This article will help you to choose the right MIG welder and the most important features to consider for your specific application. What Type of MIG Welder Is Best for You? … Read more

Are Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets Safe?

You should be very conscious about your health as a welder. A welding helmet is the most important safety tool to keep your eyes, skin, and lung safe. When it comes to protecting your eyes from the dangers of welding, the first thing to consider is whether the auto-darkening lens on your welding helmet actually … Read more

Is Flux Core Welding Any Good? (Basic Welding Techniques)

Welding is the art of joining metals and plays a major role in manufacturing, energy and construction industries. If you’re researching welders for the first time you might be confused between different welding methods and what they’re good for. Flux core welding is one of the most popular methods and probably the easiest to learn. … Read more

MIG Welding Vs Stick Welding – Which Is Right For You?

Are you planning on getting your first welder and confused about whether to go with a MIG or stick? In this article we discuss how MIG and stick welding differ and compare each across these 6 dimensions: Ease of Use Materials Weld Quality Weld Speed Cost Safety MIG vs. Stick Welding: How They Work How … Read more

How To Weld An Aluminum Boat In 7 Steps

Welding aluminum boats is not as easy as it sounds. I can be a more technical and tricky than welding a simple aluminum structure. Most quality aluminum boat makers the 5000 series aluminum in their designs. 5000 series alloy contains both aluminum and magnesium (and potentially manganese), which defend strongly against corrosion in marine environments. Since aluminum … Read more

Advantages of MIG Welding

A MIG welder is the most used welding machine because of its versatility. You can use it for welding just about any type of metal with minimal hassle and mess. It makes strong welds and gives an aesthetically pleasing look after welding. We describe the advantages of MIG welding below. Advantage #1 – MIG Welders … Read more

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