Can I Install My Own Standby Generator?

A backup generator installation is not your typical do-it-yourself activity. The installation of a home generator is more complicated than changing the oil in your automobile or tiling the spare bathroom. Similarly, Can I install my own Generac generator? Prepackaged and pre-wired with detailed instructions, Generac’s Guardian Series systems are available as an option. It’s … Read more

What Appliances Can a Home Battery System Run?

Similarly, How many Ah batteries does it take to run a house? About 2.4 kilowatt hours of power may be provided by a 400-amp-hour 6-volt battery. To power a typical American home with 90 kilowatt-hours of energy, a three-day battery bank was proposed. There are 38 batteries required to deliver the same amount of power … Read more

Can You Run a Diesel Generator In Your Garage?

Similarly, Can I run my generator in the garage? Carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas, is present in the generator’s exhaust and may be lethal. Use the machine only in open areas. It is permitted to operate a generator in an open area in a garage to keep it out of the winter elements, … Read more

Solar vs. Gas Backup Generator for Your Home?

Similarly, Is a solar generator better than a gas generator? With regard to the amount of time they can run, battery and solar power have a significant advantage over gas-powered generators. A battery-powered generator, for example, can continue to replenish or store energy if it is connected to a solar energy system Generators powered by … Read more

How to Choose an Emergency Backup Power Supply

Similarly, What is the best backup source for a power outage? Backup Power Options for Your Home’s Electrical System: The Top Five An on-the-go power source. Portable generators are a popular choice for suburban houses since they can be stored and used in a variety of settings. Permanent or fixed generator Generator powered by the … Read more

Diesel vs. Propane For a Home Backup Generator?

The total cost of ownership for portable or whole-house backup generators is cheaper with propane engines than with diesel or gasoline engines because of the molecular integrity of propane and the outstanding shelf life of propane engines. Similarly, What is the best fuel source for a home generator? With 138,700 BTUs per gallon of diesel … Read more

5 Gadgets And Appliances That Won’t Drain A Home Battery Quickly (+ 5 That Will)

During an emergency, city power can be shut down or limited in availability. This can happen during earthquakes, hurricanes, and heatwaves, among others. In these situations, a home battery can help provide power to essential devices like lights, refrigerators, and cell phones. However, it is important to know which devices and appliances use the least … Read more

How Much Does a Standby Generator Weigh?

The weight of an Air Cooled Standby Generator ranges from 350 to 600 lbs. There must be enough personnel or lifting equipment available to lift and transport the unit. Similarly, How much does a standby generator weigh? Portable generators typically weigh between 50 and 250 pounds, however they may be less or heavier depending on … Read more

How To Wire a Home Backup Generator?

The Best Way to Connect a Generator to Your Home Without a Transfer Switch Create a Location for the Outlet Utility Box in Step 1. Drill a Hole to Connect Your Generator Cables to the Outlet in Step 2. 3) Outside your wall, mount the waterproof box. Plug the Wire Into the Outlet in Step … Read more

Can You Convert a Diesel Generator to Propane?

Similarly, Can a diesel generator be converted to propane? Fuel Propane Injection Systems authorized by the EPA may reduce your diesel usage by up to 25-40 percent, saving you money and reducing your diesel engine’s pollutants. Also, it is asked, How much does it cost to convert a generator to propane? You may convert your … Read more

How Many KWh are Required to Run a House?

An typical American home would need 90 kilowatt-hours of electricity to power for three days from a battery bank. Similarly, How long will a 10 Kw battery run a house? Both 10 and 13.5 kilowatt-hour (kWh) systems are among the most popular on the market. A 10- or 13.5-kWh battery will last 10 to 12 … Read more

Tesla Powerwall vs. Backup Generator – How Do They Compare?

Battery backup solutions are the best in almost every category. Finally, they are healthier for the environment, more convenient to install and less expensive over the long haul. In addition, they come with longer warranties than backup generators do. Traditional generators, on the other hand, may be a viable solution in certain situations Similarly, Which … Read more

3 Best Places To Install A Home Battery

Looking for a home battery that will provide you with reliable power for your home? Whether you’re looking to increase your home’s energy efficiency or simply want to ensure that you always have backup power during an outage, there are a number of great places to install a home battery. Here are just a few … Read more

Can You Put a Standby Generator On the Roof?

New standards call for a minimum of 18 inches, but it is up to local code officials to make the ultimate call. Never position the generator beneath any kind of roof or inside any type of building where exhaust gases might gather. Similarly, Where is the best place to install a Generac generator? Your family … Read more

Are Standby Generators Dangerous?

Carbon monoxide (CO) gas, produced by portable and standby generators, may be fatal if breathed. Inexperienced installers run the danger of suffering an electric shock while working on the system. The installation of a generator should only be attempted by expert electricians Similarly, Are home standby generators safe? Standby generators are generally considered to be … Read more

How to Set up a Backup Power System for Your Home

Similarly, What is back up power system? When the main power source fails, a backup power system kicks in to keep everything running. Since every activity relies on a reliable power source, this system is critical. Batteries and generators powered by diesel, propane, or gasoline are the most common forms of backup power. Also, it … Read more

Propane vs. Gasoline Backup Generator? [for Home]

In terms of BTU output per gallon of fuel, propane generators fall short of gas generators. When it comes to fueling your generators, propane is a more environmentally friendly option than gasoline. Similarly, Is it cheaper to run a generator on propane or gasoline? Although propane has a lower energy density than diesel and gasoline … Read more

How Much Does a Standby Generator Cost?

The cost of standby generators ranges from less than $2,000.00 to more than $20,000.00. Additionally, the cost of installation might vary greatly. It’s essential to talk to a professional installation about what size generator you should have for your house and your use. Similarly, What is the average cost of a Generac generator installed? Without … Read more

How to Calculate Battery Backup Power

There is a simple method you may follow: If you want to know how long your battery will last, you need to know how much capacity you have and how much voltage you have (in Watts) If the battery has a 110Ah capacity, then In this case, the battery’s capacity is 220Ah. Similarly, How much … Read more

Is a Home Backup Generator Worth the Investment?

A backup generator’s benefits greatly surpass any possible drawbacks or concerns. Is it possible that you and your family may face a long-lasting, perhaps deadly power outage? Similarly, Is a whole home generator worth the investment? Installing a whole-house generator is, in fact, an expensive proposition. However, you will save thousands in the long run … Read more

How Long Can a Standby Generator Run Continuously?

While a standby generator can power a medium-sized house for up to 3,000 hours on average, using one for more than 500 hours is not advised. Similarly, How long can a standby Generac generator run non stop? Typical tanks range from 250 to 1,000 gallons in capacity. Typical household usage consumes 2 to 3 litres … Read more

What Is the Expected Life of a Home Battery?

The life expectancy of a home solar battery ranges from 5 to 15 years. Similarly, How long do Lithium House batteries last? five to fifteen years Also, it is asked, How much does a whole home battery cost? Secondly, How long does a powerwall battery last? It’s common for a typical residence to draw between … Read more

Can You Combine Solar Panels With a Backup Generator?

Unfortunately, you can’t operate your house at the same time with both solar electricity and a backup generator. That is to say, the generator and the solar panels cannot work in tandem. Utility personnel face a potentially lethal situation when they come into contact with solar panels, as we discussed before. Similarly, Can I add … Read more

Emergency Standby Generator Alternatives?

Similarly, What can be used instead of a generator? If you don’t want to use a generator, a battery backup option is an alternative. A battery pack may be used to store part of the extra energy generated by solar panels for usage at night. Batteries, on the other hand, may be charged from any … Read more

Backup Generator or Home Battery System?

Similarly, Can a battery powered generator run a house? The only kind of generator that can be operated securely inside is one fuelled by expensive batteries. In order to keep yourself and your family safe, it is imperative that you use a generator outdoors, at least 20 feet from any building. Also, it is asked, … Read more

Natural Gas vs. Diesel Backup Generator for Your Home?

Additionally, diesel generators make more noise and give out a stronger stench than natural gas generators while they’re running. In this case, natural gas is the apparent victor since it is a far more environmentally friendly energy source, as well as less invasive in terms of both sound and smell. Similarly, Which is better diesel … Read more

7 Best Uses For LED Lights

Led lights are a relatively new technology that has been used in many industries, such as industrial, medical, real estate, automotive, and more. Here are 7 of the best uses for LED lights. Best Uses For LED Lights Below are some of the best uses for modern LED lights: 1. Car Headlights Led lights are … Read more

Rope Fire Escape Ladders vs. Folding Fire Escape Ladders

Multi-story building fires or other emergencies may require more than one option for people to safely descend. For instance, the elevators can be out of service, or the stairs might get crowded with panicked people. Having a backup plan as part of your fire safety protocols is a wise choice.  Having fire escape ladders in … Read more

How To Make a Homemade Fire Extinguisher

Believe it or not, but you can actually make a rudimentary but effective homemade fire extinguisher. It takes only a few common ingredients and a little bit of time to do. Read more to find out how. How To Make Your Own Fire Extinguisher Homemade fire extinguishers are not difficult to make and use common … Read more

What Jobs Require Fire Extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers are used for fire safety and prevention. They are typically used in buildings, vehicles, boats, aircraft, fire department vehicles and many other fire-related areas. So, what jobs may require the use of fire extinguishers? Fire Extinguisher Inspector Fire extinguisher inspectors are tasked with checking fire extinguishers for functionality, damage, and maintenence dates. Fire … Read more

How Are Fire Extinguishers Made?

Fire extinguishers are common mass produced safety devices that help keep people protected during fire emergencies. But how are they made? Find out below. What Is a Fire Extinguisher Made Of? Certain materials are used to construct fire extinguisher components. These are used for good reason. Metal is the primary material used in fire extinguishers, … Read more

Who Invented The Fire Extinguisher?

The fire extinguisher has a long history because fire is dangerous and unpleasant. A fire could spread around very quickly, destroy a house and kill anyone inside. People have been worried about fire for thousands of years. They looked for ways to fight fire before someone finally invented the fire extinguisher. Fire Extinguisher History Fire … Read more

How To Mount a Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are only useful when they can be easily accessed. This is why it is important to mount them in the right way. In this post, we cover how to mount a fire extinguisher. Where To Mount a Fire Extinguisher? Fire extinguishers can be mounted on any surface strong enough to support them. This … Read more

How Does a Fire Extinguisher Work?

Fire extinguishers function fast and efficiently to put out fires. But how do they work? Find out below. How Do Fire Extinguishers Work? Fires are chemical combustion reactions ignited in an atmosphere with oxygen and a fuel source. Fires produce extreme heat and can spread easily when near combustible materials such as wood, paper, rubbish, … Read more

How To Check a Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are an essential piece of fire safety equipment, yet many people use them incorrectly or forget about them altogether. With that in mind, below are some tips on how to correctly check fire extinguishers. How To Check a Fire Extinguisher Checking a fire extinguisher is not very difficult and only takes a few … Read more

NFPA Requirements For Mounting a Fire Extinguisher

Having access to a fire extinguisher in a fire emergency is critical. You simply can’t afford to be without one, or without knowing how to mount it properly in your house. In this post, we discuss fire extinguisher mounting requirements for your facility. NFPA Fire Extinguisher Mounting Requirements The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) provides … Read more

Can Fire Extinguishers Kill Animals?

As fire extinguisher technology grows more sophisticated, fire safety for people and their homes has become easier. But what about fire safety for pets, like cats and dogs? One of the most common questions is if fire extinguishers pose any danger to animals. For more, keep reading. Can a Fire Extinguisher Kill a Dog? Not … Read more

Can a Fire Extinguisher Freeze?

Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on all types of equipment. This can put a halt on necessary activities, such as transportation, construction work, and home heating. But do fire extinguishers freeze? Find out in this post. Which Fire Extinguisher Contents Can Freeze? Fire Extinguisher Content Will It Freeze? Water Yes Foam Yes CO2 No Ammonium … Read more

Will a Fire Extinguisher Damage Car Paint?

Car paint is made to withstand all types of weather, and even minor impacts. The paint job is usually made to look good for the life of the vehicle. However, some events or substances can damage car paint. Is fire extinguisher spray one of them? Can a Fire Extinguisher Damage Car Paint? Yes, certain types … Read more

Will a Fire Extinguisher Damage House Paint?

A house on fire, or a fire next to a house or structure will likely need a fire extinguisher to put out. If you are in the fire extinguisher business, or own rental property, this makes sense. Most homes have ABC multi-purpose fire extinguishers that spray powder or foam. When a fire extinguisher is used … Read more

Will a Fire Extinguisher Stain Carpet?

Fire extinguishers serve a very important purpose for putting out fires and keeping people safe. However, the spray leaves a residue that can leave stains on certain surfaces, including carpeting. So, will a So, can fire extinguisher spray stain carpet? When Does Fire Extinguisher Spray Stain Carpet? House and office fires can cause a great … Read more

Will a Fire Extinguisher Stain Clothes?

In the event of a fire emergency, spraying a fire extinguisher to put out a fire will inevitably lead to some particles getting onto nearby surfaces. This even includes the clothing of the person using the fire extinguisher. So, will a fire extinguisher stain clothes? Find out in this post. Getting Fire Extinguisher Spray on … Read more

Will a Fire Extinguisher Kill Grass?

Lawns are often prized by their owners for their attractiveness and value they add to a home. However, some substances can harm a lawn, even kill it. Will a fire extinguisher kill grass? Find out below. Do Fire Extinguishers Kill Grass? Fire extinguishers that contain ammonium sulphate or sodium bicarbonate (or other salts) can kill … Read more

Will a Fire Extinguisher Kill Insects?

Insects can be a big nuisance when they get into a home or office. There are ways of killing and removing them that do not involve calling the exterminator. You can use fly swatters, containers, even home cleaning chemicals to remove them. But can a fire extinguisher kill insects? Read more to find out. Will … Read more

Is It Illegal To Remove a Fire Extinguisher Label?

Fire extinguisher tags and labels provide crucial information to users about the fire extinguisher. In times of emergency, this information can be critical to helping someone stay out of danger. So, is it illegal to remove a fire extinguisher tag or label? Find out below. Why Are Fire Extinguisher Labels and Tags Important? Fire extinguishers … Read more

Can You Recycle a Fire Extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers can end up spent after multiple uses and recharges, or were only intended for one-time use and are no longer functional. If you can’t use a fire extinguisher anymore, is it possible to recycle it instead of throwing it in the trash? Can You Recycle a Fire Extinguisher? Yes, you can recycle a … Read more

Are Fire Extinguishers Disposable?

Fire extinguishers are very effective fire fighting tools, and this is due to the materials they are made of and the contents they hold. However, eventually fire extinguishers will be spent or age so much that they are no longer safe to use. So, when this happens, can fire extinguishers be disposed of? Find out … Read more

Fire Extinguisher Vs Water

Water has been used to extinguish fires all the way back through human history. Specialized fire extinguishers have existed in various forms for slightly less time. So, which one is more effective at putting out fires? Find out in this post. How Does Water Extinguish Fires? Fires require fule, oxygen, and heat to remain active. … Read more

Fire Extinguisher Vs Fire Aerosol Spray

When most people think of fighting fires in their homes, they think of using a fire extinguisher or water. But there also exists fire aerosol sprays. How do these compare to ordinary fire extinguishers? Find out below. Types of Fire Aerosol Sprays There are a range of fire aerosol sprays available for certain types of … Read more

Fire Extinguisher Vs Fire Hydrant

Both fire extinguishers and fire hydrants are effective at putting out fires. But which one is best to use in an emergency? There are some major differences between the two, so read on to find out more. How Much Water Comes Out Of a Fire Hydrant? How many gallons per minute comes out of a … Read more

Fire Extinguisher Vs Fire Blanket

Fire extinguishers are not the only way to put out a fire. Fire blankets are convenient and cleanup friendly and can come to the rescue when a small fire breaks out in a kitchen or workshop. So, what are the major differences between the two? Find out below. Different Types of Fire Blankets There are … Read more

Fire Extinguisher Vs Sprinkler System

Fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems are very good at putting out fires. However, they both work differently. To decide whether a fire extinguisher or a sprinkler system is best we need to ask ourselves: What kind of fire is it? How big is the fire? What material is burning? Where is the fire? These determine … Read more

Fire Extinguisher Vs Sand

The fire extinguisher has proven to be one of the most powerful fire retardants that man has invented. However, there are other alternatives that can also help put out fire, such as sand. Find out which one is better for putting out fires below. How Does Sand Put Out Fires? Sand works to put out … Read more

Fire Extinguisher Vs Salt

A kitchen would not be the same without salt because of its usefulness in cooking and ability to enhance the flavor of meals. However, not all kitchens have fire extinguishers. Can salt take the place of a fire extinguisher to put out a fire? Find out below. Does Salt Put Out Fire? The answer is … Read more

Fire Extinguisher Vs Baking Soda

Let’s say you are baking some cupcakes in the oven, and all of a sudden, a fire ignites and gets out of control. What are you going to do? I am sure running for a fire extinguisher is the first thing that comes to your mind. But wait! A fire extinguisher might not be at … Read more

How Long Do Fire Extinguishers Last?

Fire extinguishers have the ability to work for many years, but this does not mean that they can last forever. But how can you tell when one is too old and needs to be replaced? We discuss the answer below. Do Fire Extinguishers Expire? Yes, all fire extinguishers expire at some point. Fire extinguishers do … Read more

What Type of Fire Extinguisher Do I Need?

Before we get to the kinds of fire extinguishers required for different disasters, we need to understand the various types of fire. The type of fire extinguisher you need depends on the type of fire you need to put out: Class A Fires – fires caused by combustibles like wood, metal, cloth, paper, rubber, and … Read more

What Do the 4 Colors of Fire Extinguishers Mean?

Fire extinguishers are essential to your first aid fire-fighting protocols. They can make all the difference between a small, developing fire that can be easily put out or raging flames that engulf everything you hold near and dear.  It is best to be vigilant during a fire incident and know what different fire extinguisher colors … Read more

Home Fire Extinguisher Safety Statistics

In July 2021 we conducted a home fire extinguisher safety statistics survey using Google Surveys to identify what percentage of U.S. households have fire extinguishers, and how they’re used to increase safety. Question #1: Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home? 71.6% of respondents have a fire extinguisher in their home. 28% do … Read more

Are Toasters Dangerous?

Toasters are a common appliance in most people’s kitchens and help greatly in making fast meals, especially breakfast. However, toasters are not without their risks and hazards to your safety. But are toasters really that dangerous? Find out below. Are Toasters A Fire Hazard? Toaster timers can malfunction and not shut off. This can cause … Read more

Are Pressure Washers Dangerous?

Pressure washers are powerful cleaning tools that can remove even the toughest grime and unwanted materials stuck to surfaces around your home or workplace. However, they also have inherent safety risks. To find out how dangerous pressure washers are, keep reading. Types of Pressure Washers A pressure washer allows for the cleaning of surfaces, with … Read more

Are Solar Lights Safe?

Solar lighting, both indoors and outdoors, has become popular in recent years with energy conscious home owners. But are solar lights safe? Find out in this post. Are Solar Lights Dangerous? Solar lights can also be called solar garden lights, solar deck lights and solar security lights. These types of lighting are primarily used to … Read more

Are Dehumidifiers Safe?

Dehumidifiers work great for de-humidifying a home, and help protect yourself and belongings from excess moisture. These are especially useful if you live in regions that get hot and humid in the summertime. But are dehumidifiers safe? Find out below. Is It OK To Leave A Dehumidifier On All Night? Dehumidifiers are generally safe to … Read more

Are Garage Doors Dangerous?

Garage doors are on just about every residence and help to keep people’s stuff and vehicles safe. But can they be dangerous? Find out below. What Makes Garage Doors Dangerous? Their weight, size, and components all make garage doors dangerous. Garage doors usually become dangerous when they fail due to breakage or poor maintainence. Are … Read more

Do Home Alarm Systems Work?

If you live in the U.S. then there is certainly a chance your home could be burglarized. Many people try to decrease this risk by installing a home alarm system. But do home alarms systems actually work? Find out below. Home Alarm For A House Home alarms for houses have existed for decades. Newer home … Read more

Are Cracks In Concrete Dangerous?

Concrete is durable and long lasting surface covering, but it can crack if not installed properly. But how do cracks in concrete happens and are they dangerous? Find out below. How Do Cracks In Concrete Happen? There are various causes of why concrete cracks. This mostly has to do with the outside elements (weater, wear … Read more

Are Blenders Safe?

Blenders can be used to blend all sorts of tasty foods, including soups and smoothies. This makes them great assistants for when you are making your favorite recipes. But are blenders dangerous? Find out below. Will A Blender Explode? Blenders can explode, under the wrong circumstances. The most common reasons include: Overheating due to running … Read more

DIY Fire Escape Ladder – How to Build Your Own

A fire escape ladder is a vital piece of equipment if you have to get out of a burning building. For homeowners, the presence of a fire escape ladder can mean the difference between life or death for your family. In this article we provide instructions on how to make your own fire escape ladder. … Read more

What Size Fire Extinguisher Do I Need?

Selecting the right kind of fire extinguisher can quite literally be a matter of life or death. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a fire only to realize that the fire extinguisher’s weight is too heavy for you to carry or the range of the extinguishing agent isn’t enough to douse … Read more

How to Keep Rattlesnakes Out of Your Barn

There are many things that can cause a problem in a rural setting, one of which is snakes in barns. Barns are often places where rattlesnakes and other creatures can pose harm to you and your family members.  What Attracts Rattlesnakes to Barns? Snakes find and stay in places that will fulfill their needs, such … Read more

How to Build a Rattlesnake Proof Fence

Living in regions with rattlesnakes can pose serious threats to your kids and pets. This is why many people opt to build a rattlesnakes-proof fence around their property. This post will guide you on how to do this. Rattlesnake Fence Design A rattlesnake fence sometimes referred to as rattlesnake containment, or rattlesnake exclusion is a … Read more

How Do You Kill a Rattlesnake?

Most people do not know how to kill a rattlesnake if they had to. Most of the time this is not recommended as it is better just to move away from a rattlesnake and leave it alone. But sometimes you just cannot get to where you need to go without killing the little bugger. Situations … Read more

What Plants Keep Rattlesnakes Away?

Rattlesnakes that live nearby your garden or yard are likely to venture into your property searching for food and hiding spaces. So, how do you keep them away? Fortunately, there are some attractive plants that will help repel rattlesnakes. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue Botanical Name: Dracaena trifasciata Mother-in-law’s Tongue, also called Snake Plant and has sharp leaves that … Read more

Removing a Rattlesnake Safely From Your Yard

If you have even a small yard, it can be exposed to rattlesnakes who may live nearby and slither onto it in search of food or cover. Finding one could mean accidentally stepping on it and risking being bitten. However, there are ways to remove it safely from your yard. Is It a Rattlesnake? You … Read more

Is It Safe To Keep a Rattlesnake as a Pet?

Many people are fond of keeping small and even large snakes as pets. These are often of the constrictor type, such as boas and pythons. But what about rattlesnakes? Keeping a rattlesnake as a pet brings some unique challenges, but there are solutions. Keeping Rattlesnakes as Pets Rattlesnakes can be kept as pets but this … Read more

How to Keep Rattlesnakes Out of Your Yard

If you recently moved to the country, or have lived there for many years, one reptile can be a real problem: rattlesnakes. If you do not know how to keep them out of your yard, you, your child, or your pet could be in for a nasty and painful surprise. Keep reading to find out … Read more

Can a Dead Rattlesnake Hurt You?

Like all living things, rattlesnakes do not live forever, and you may cross a dead one when you are out hiking or walking in parks or open spaces. Believe it or not, but dead rattlesnakes do pose a threat to anyone who manages to get too close. But how much can they actually hurt you? … Read more

Can Children Survive a Rattlesnake Bite?

Rattlesnake bites can cause serious health complications for anyone, and children are no exception. h rattlesnake venom. The only way to avoid this is to not be bitten in the first place and the only way to do that is to be vigilant and protect yourself and your child at all times. But if your … Read more

Can Dogs Survive a Rattlesnake Bite?

Rattlesnakes and dogs have been a long and uneasy relationship in the United States. This legacy has continued into modern times where rattlesnakes are often viewed with fear by both humans and their pets. How Often Are Dogs Bitten by Rattlesnakes? There is no central data source for statistics about the number of dogs bitten … Read more

Fire Escape Chutes vs. Fire Escape Slides

The speed of technology and innovation has made it possible to explore better ways to escaping life-threatening fires. Fire escape chutes and slides are some of the better fire escape methods. These options are more efficient and cost-effective than fire escape ladders, which have dominated the fire escape equipment market for a long time.  Today, … Read more

How To Install a Fire Escape Ladder?

Every house should have two ways out in case of a fire. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that every home have a fire escape. Fire escape ladders are safe and easy to install in homes.  In the blog post, we will walk you through the steps required to install a fire escape ladder.  … Read more

Are Fire Escape Chutes Dangerous?

Fire escape chutes are an excellent evacuation solution in the face of a large fire. Escape chutes have a tube-like construction that can safely transport multiple people quickly to safety. They work for people of all ages, from children to adults. In this article we discuss various questions about fire escape chutes.  What are Fire … Read more

Does a Fire Escape Ladder Work for Balcony Railings?

Unpredictable and intimidating, house fires are a major health hazard. Have you ever wondered how many people lose their lives to home fires every day in the United States? It is more than most people anticipate.  According to research conducted by American Red Cross in 2018, seven people, on average, die in home fires every … Read more

How Much Weight Can a Fire Escape Ladder Hold?

Every building, be it residential or commercial, should have a fire escape ladder. It ensures safety for you, your loved ones, and your colleagues in case of an emergency. There are always chances of a fire breaking out, and these ladders serve as the perfect getaway if it does. People are often scared of using … Read more

Fire Escape Ladders vs. Chutes

Ensuring that your home or office building has optimal fire safety protocols doesn’t just minimize the damage caused by the raging flames but also has the potential to save lives. Two of the best ways for evacuation during a fire are ladders and chutes.  If you’re wondering which would be the better choice for your … Read more

How Does a Fire Escape Chute Work?

It’s true what they say about emergencies. They almost always come unannounced, which is why preparing for them is of crucial importance. When the emergency is a fire getting ready to engulf everything around it, there’s no time to think. According to the National Fire Protection Association, preparing for a fire includes an alarm system, … Read more

How Many Fire Escape Ladders Do You Need?

It goes without saying that your home is your safe haven. But comfort and safety of your home can be quickly destroyed in the event of a fire. This is precisely why you need to equip your home with fire escape ladders and protect yourself and your loved ones. In this article we discuss how … Read more

How to Store a Fire Escape Ladder?

An uncontrolled fire has correctly been said to be a good servant but a mad master; it can lead to numerous hazards, loss of life, and property. The conventional ways of protecting yourself in a fire include a fire alarm, fire extinguisher, and a fire escape ladder.  You don’t want your emergency fire escape ladder … Read more

How To Choose a Fire Escape Ladder?

Your home keeps you safe and comfortable – it’s designed to do so. But disasters can happen within the home, especially when there are numerous fire hazards in close range of one another. To get your family to safety, a fire ladder is an essential tool in case of a fire. Factors When Choosing a … Read more

Are Fire Escape Ladders Dangerous?

Fire escape ladders might seem like chunky jungle-gym-like, pop-cameo accessories, but they serve their purpose in protecting you from a dangerous fire. Almost 75% of all the deaths in home fires occur within the two minutes that people need to escape the house fire. Having a fire escape ladder in place is one of the … Read more

How Many Times Can You Use a Fire Escape Ladder?

Fire escape ladders can be a real lifesaver during a building or home fire emergency. However, once they are used, can they be used again? We discuss the answer in this post. Fire Escape Ladders Can Fail After weather and time take their toll on steel or iron components of fire escape ladders, they can … Read more

How To Use a Fire Escape Ladder Safely

Fire escape ladders are one of the most important tools to help people escape from being trapped in a building that is on fire, from earthquakes, or acts of terror. A fire escape ladder is actually a simple and easy-to-use system where a person can easily scale the side of a building using only their … Read more

Where Are Fire Escape Ladders Required?

Fire escape ladders have served as a means of escaping homes and buildings during fires, earthquakes, or emergency events for many years. In the past, requirements were set that mandated fire escape ladders be attached to buildings to allow people to evacuate when all other exits are blocked. But is this still true? Find out … Read more

How Many Fire Extinguishers Do You Need?

Combustible materials are everywhere around us, and because of these materials, a small fire can rage out of control and get deadly in just a matter of three to five minutes. Having easy access to fire extinguishers is crucial. This aticle discusses how many fire extinguishers you need in a specific, designated area.  General Fire … Read more

Fire Extinguisher Balls – Key Things You Should Know

Fighting flames with fire extinguisher balls is nothing new. Such fire suppressants have been around for years. In fact, back in the 19th century, glass balls filled with fire suppressant liquids were frequently used to put out fires.  Over the years, the design slowly fell out of fashion. But that wasn’t the end of fire … Read more