How Far Away From the House Should a Standby Generator Be?

Installing a standby generator for your house requires a set of steps to be followed so that the safety of your home is maintained. This involves placing it at a certain distance from your house.

How close can a standby generator be to a house?

Most standby generators are between four and six feet tall and weigh several hundred pounds. They must be placed on a level surface that is at least three feet away from any building openings, including doors and windows. The generator should also be placed in an area that is clear of any flammable materials, such as gasoline or propane.

Between the gas and electricity meters, standby generators should be at least 18 inches away from the home and 5 feet away from doors and windows.

How far should a Generac generator be from a house?

Generac’s air-cooled generators may be positioned as near as 18″ from your house if they are located at least 5 feet from a window or door opening, dryer vents, furnace vents, and 3 feet away from any other source of air pollution.

Where should I place my standby generator?

Manufacturers often recommend that generators are kept outdoors and at least five feet from doors, windows, vents, and any combustible material.

Where is the best place to install a Generac generator?

Your family and neighbors will not be exposed to carbon monoxide if you place your generator in a safe area—at least five feet from any windows or entrances. Ventilation pathways should also be kept clear (check your local code for exact requirements).

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How far from a window should a generator be?

A generator should be at a 20-foot distance from any nearby window.

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How much clearance does a generator need?

The generator should have a 36-inch clearance on both sides including the front. Any structure, overhang, or wall projections shall have at least a 48-inch clearance from the ceiling’s apex.

What is the best location for a home standby generator?

This video should provide the information you need:


The “backup generator regulations” are the rules that govern how far away from a house a standby generator should be. These rules vary depending on where you live.

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