Portable Generators: 7 Times You Need Them

Portable generators can be a real lifesaver during power outages or survival situations. Here are 7 times when portable generators come in handy:

1. Camping

You can use a portable generator during camping to power some essential devices. If you’re camping or hiking and need to recharge your portable devices, such as a cell phone or laptop, a portable generator can do the job.

While camping you may also want the lighting to light up your campsite at night. This can make your site safer at night to move around in and find things. A portable generator also provides power for heaters, fans, a mini-refrigerator, or a stove. This can make camping a much more comfortable experience, especially if it gets too hot or too cold and you want a good night’s sleep in your tent or camper.

And since your site has electricity, your kids will be happier because they can see and use their devices at night to stay entertained. You can even have a movie night in your campground using a projector and the power of a portable generator.

When camping far out in the wilderness, accidents can happen and you want backup power in case you have an emergency and need to power your communication devices and lighting systems. You always want to be prepared for whatever may happen.

Portable generators are also easy to transport and take up very little space in a campground. They can also be fairly quiet and will not disturb neighboring sites or nearby wildlife while running. They are also somewhat inexpensive, very reliable, and eco-friendly with good fuel economy.

2. Backyard parties

Backyard parties are great fun, and they can require power for the day and even into the night. There may be lights, a DJ or band, heaters, food warmers, or a tea maker. Portable generators are perfect for outdoor parties and provide power more safely than running an extension cord from inside a garage or kitchen.

Portable generators for backyard parties work great. Just make sure to keep them covered in case of rain or sun. With a portable generator, you’ll have the power you need to keep the fun going all day long!

3. To power your home or business during grid failure

During a grid failure, all your appliances can shut down unless they have a backup power source. If you do not have a standby generator in place, you can use a portable generator to provide backup power.

With a portable generator, your fridge can be kept running, meaning your food will not spoil. The USDA does not recommend eating food from refrigerators that have been out of power for four hours or more. And by saving food, you save money due to less waste.

And if you run a business, you must have your computers, devices, and WiFi running as much as possible. Without a portable or standby generator, your business will be shut down until the grid comes back online. Even if a power outage is short-lived, a portable generator will give you the confidence that your business can keep running no matter what occurs.

4. Provides power for construction or work sites

Construction and work sites rely on electricity to operate due to the power tools, outdoor lights, mobile office unit(s), computers, phones, and other communication devices that all need to be working. Every day that is lost on a construction site sets back the project completion date and ultimately costs the business money.

While most large construction sites have big diesel-powered generators that keep them operating, having an additional portable generator available means not having to haul long extension cords to keep your power tools running and your batteries charged. These are especially useful for your own home remodeling project(s).

5. Powers tailgating at sporting events

Tailgating at sporting events is a favorite pastime for sports fans around the world. These can have lights, a sound system, food heaters, and even a mini fridge.

Portable generators can power tailgating at sporting events and can make them more enjoyable. And in the event of an emergency, such as an earthquake when the grid goes down, a portable generator means you can charge your phones and lights and get home safely.

6. Provides energy during a natural disaster

Hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, or landslides are all situations where having a portable generator can come in handy. Any of these events could shut down the grid and leave your home without power for days on end. A good portable generator means you can keep your heater, fridge, AC, and gadgets all powered up. This could mean the difference between being alone and isolated and without food, or comfortable and safe.

7. Powers an AC unit during a heat wave

During heat waves, electricity goes into high demand as more people turn on their fans and AC units to keep themselves cool. This stresses the grid and can cause brownouts. You don’t want to be stuck without AC on a string of hot days, especially if you are an older individual. For some people, having a portable generator on hand is a simple matter of survival in these situations.

This applies more today than in the past due to increases in global temperatures. Certain regions of the planet are more susceptible to extreme temperatures than others. If you live in a zone that experiences heatwaves during the summer months, consider buying a portable generator to supply power to your AC unit if the power goes out.

Alternately, some regions experience deep freezes in wintertime which can stress the energy grid as people try to keep themselves warm with heaters. A backup energy source means you can stay warm even if the power goes out when the temperature drops.

Which Portable Generator Should I Buy?

You can choose from a range of models and sizes, including:

  • Propane generators – safer than gasoline due to storage in tightly sealed canisters.
  • Gasoline generators – run on gasoline, and require oil changes. Performs well in cold temperatures.
  • Dual fuel generators – uses gasoline or propane.

Take your time and find the unit that will best suit your needs and expectations. You do not have to go overboard and buy the biggest and most powerful portable generator for your next camping trip or sports outing. A moderately sized and priced model will likely suffice.

To Close

There are many emergency situations where having a portable generator on hand can be a real lifesaver or at least help you feel more confident you can get through it. If you think there is a possibility you may need a portable generator, do not hesitate to go shopping for one.

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