Hand Crank Generators: 5 Reasons to Buy One

Hand crank generators are designed to provide power when traditional sources are not available. They are often used as emergency backup power or in remote locations where electric power is not available. Keep reading to learn more reasons why hand crank generators are so useful.

1. Hand crank generators require no fuel

Hand crank generators are powered simply by turning a crank. No fuel is required other than your own muscle power. This makes the hand crank generator a very simple and reliable method of generating power. So, if you are stuck in a location that does not have access to electricity or petrol fuel, a hand crank generator can be very useful.

In fact, it is these situations where having access to electricity is the most important. As our phones and devices are entirely dependent on electric power. Without electricity, our civilization would not operate, and surviving becomes much more difficult.

2. Hand crank generators are eco-friendly

Hand crank generators are eco-friendly and do not produce emissions that can harm the environment. Hand crank generators often have internal battery packs that can be used to store energy for later use. hand crank generators are also great for emergency situations where you may need power but do not have access to a traditional power source.

Hand crank generators can transfer energy through USB plugs or phone charging cords to power up your phone, laptops, flashlight, and other small electronic devices.

3. Hand crank generators are portable and easy to use

One benefit of hand crank generators that makes them stand out is their portability and ease of use. They are usually small in size, measuring around 9 x 7 x 5 inches, and are fairly lightweight. This makes them easy to carry which is ideal for camping, hiking, or emergency situations where access to power becomes important. Some models are very water resistant which makes them great for the outdoors.

4. Hand crank generators are a great backup power source in case of an emergency

Even if you are not camping or far away from civilization, your home’s power can go out due to a natural disaster. If you do not have a reliable source of backup power from a home battery, standby generator, or diesel generator, your last option will be a hand crank generator. New models are actually very efficient and capable of producing power for your devices and some low-wattage kitchen appliances. This can be a real lifesaver when you need to contact loved ones or ask for assistance.

5. Hand crank generators are great for survival situations

If you are a survivalist and enjoy challenging and dangerous adventures in the outdoors, a hand crank generator is almost a must-have. Unless you are dedicated to not using your phone or laptop on a trip, they will eventually lose power while you are out and about. If you are ever out of options for power or need rescue due to injury while in dangerous situations, a hand crank generator could be the difference between life and death.

What should I look for in a hand crank generator?

Buying a hand crank generator that matches your needs and capability to crank is essential. In general, you should look for the following characteristics:


You do not have to buy a powerful, expensive hand crank generator if all you need if for is charging devices on short family trips to the outdoors (camping). However, if you are a survivalist or are worried you won’t have enough power when far out, then look for a more expensive model.


Lightweight hand crank generators are usually best, especially if you need to carry them while hiking or camping.

Size of the battery

A larger battery will store more power, but also be heavier and add cost to the generator. A small battery will be enough if you do not need the generator often for more than charging small devices.

USB plugin

A hand crank generator should have a USB plugin or two so you can charge your laptop, appliances, and phone.


Hand crank generators need to be durable if you take them camping or on extreme adventures into the outdoors. Also, a more durable model will last longer and not soon need a replacement. You may also lose your balance and fall, or accidentally drop the generator while handling it, so you don’t want it to break easily. Also, make sure to look for a water-resistant model if intend to use it outdoors.


New hand crank generators are very efficient at generating electricity by using muscle power. This makes them competitive with other types of small portable generators. Make sure you can crank the generator without getting too tired too soon.

To Close

Hand crank generators are marvelous little devices that provide quite a bit of power when you need it most. Make sure to find the right model for your energy needs that you can also manage to crank without expending too much energy yourself.

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