5 Things You Can Weld With A MIG Welder

MIG welders are known for being powerful and effective tools that can get serious jobs done. Part of what makes them so useful is the flexibility and range of things and materials they can weld. This post will cover 5 things you can weld with a MIG welder, so keep reading!

How MIG Welders Work

MIG welders weld by using an electrical arc that is created between the MIG welder and the metal that needs to be welded. MIG welders are great for welding thicker metals because they can create a stronger weld than other types of welders. MIG welders are also known for being very versatile and can be used on a variety of different materials.

Things You Can Weld With A Mig Welder

1. Home Welding Projects

Mig welders are great for general-purpose home welding projects. This could be welding metal parts in your garage for a can or building project. Mig welders are not as difficult to learn how to use as TIG welders are. There are also many different attachments you can use with MIG welders that give them the flexibility you need for different projects. Hobbyists often work with aluminum which is a material that these welders excel at welding together.

2. Automotive Welding

Mig welders are great for welding automotive parts and components together. This includes piping, car body panels, and frame joints. Mig welders are also great for welding different metals together. Aluminum makes up a larger percentage of today’s automobiles, and this is material MIG welders are good at bonding together. Mig welders have a long history of use in the auto industry and this does not look to change any time soon.

3. Construction Welding

MIG Welder Pipe Weld

The construction industry often uses MIG welding to get major projects completed. The most common material used in this industry is steel. Structural steel is often used in constructing buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure works. Commercial and residential building construction often uses MIG welding due to the amount of steel used in such projects. Railroad construction has also been a long-time user of MIG welders to join rails together.

4. General Industrial And Manufacturing

Mig welders are often used in industry and manufacturing. Industrial machines and equipment require their own building efforts to get them to function. Many large industrial machines are special purpose-built, and MIG welders come in handy to get these from the drawing board and into a working facility. Mig welders are also very useful for repairing broken or damaged industrial equipment and tools.

5. Oil And Natural Gas Industry Welding

The oil and natural gas industries rely on MIG welders to construct the pipelines which get their commodities from the drilling site to refineries and ports. This includes small and large steel pipes, pipelines, and any pipes made of different metals used to transport oil, gas, water, and other fluids over long distances. Mig welders can also be used to weld home water and gas pipes.

To Close

Mig welders are used in countless construction projects, both big and small. MIG welders are an important part of the welder’s arsenal and are often used for tasks that require a great deal of precision. MIG welders can be used to weld stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals. However, it is most important that workers maintain their safety while using MIG welders, so they can reap the benefits without engaging in serious risks.

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