Fire Extinguisher Vs Fire Aerosol Spray

When most people think of fighting fires in their homes, they think of using a fire extinguisher or water. But there also exists fire aerosol sprays. How do these compare to ordinary fire extinguishers? Find out below.

Can You Reuse Fire Aerosol Spray?

Yes, as long as the can still has pressurized contents, a fire aerosol spray can be reused. However, if there is not very much content left inside after putting out a fire, it may not reliable enough to put out another one.

And unlike rechargable fire extinguishers, fire aerosol spray cans cannot be refilled once the contents are spent. Fire aerosol spray cans are meant to be disposable, and not refilled. They can be recycled or disposed just like other aerosol spray cans.

So, it is recommended to replace the fire aerosol spray can after it is used once. But don’t worry, because these are only needed in the rare event of a fire breaking out.

Can Fire Aerosol Spray Put Out A Grease Fire?

Yes, fire aerosol spray cans are great for putting out kitchen oil and grease fires. Make sure to purchase one that explicitly says so on the packaging.

Fire aerosol sprays are also great for putting out ordinary household fires such as fabrics, paper, wood, and even electrical equipment.

Types of Fire Aerosol Sprays

There are only a narrow range of fire aerosol sprays available for certain types of fires. These are usually for:

  • Class A (wood, paper, trash fires)
  • Class B (fires involving flammable liquids such as petroleum, diesel, paint, oil and tar)
  • Class C (electrical fires. *However may not be available)
Fire Flames

This is opposed to fire extinguishers which cover fire types A – K. This is why fire aerosol sprays are meant for general purpose home and office fire dangers.

The fire aerosol spray propels mist of liquid fire suppressant particles. The contents are under pressure and released when the top cap is pressed down.

Brands of Aerosol Fire Extinguishers

Multitple fire aerosol spray brands exist. These include:

  • First Alert EZ Fire Spray
  • FireAde Personal Firefighting Extinguisher Foam Aerosol
  • Cold Fire – Ultimate Fire Protection
  • Fire Gone Fire Suppressant Canister

Is Fire Aerosol Spray Easier To Use Than A Fire Extinguisher?

Fire aerosol sprays are great for:

  • Kitchens
  • Workshops
  • RVs
  • Cars
  • Camping
  • Garages
  • Offices

They are very convenient to access and can be stored under a desk or in a cupboard.

Fire aerosol sprays can be biodegradable and easy to clean up. They can also have contents that will nto damage kitchen surfaces, such as stove or countertops. They are just like ordinary spray paint cans and only require pressing down on the top button to spray.

They also can last longer in operation than fire extinguishers for two reasons:

  • Easier to control the spray amount.
  • Sprays contents out at a rate that allows the can to last longer.

Fire aerosol sprays can have different spray nozzles for wide or narrow spray patterns.

Fire Aerosol Spray Vs Fire Extinguisher Cost

A typical general purpose fire aerosol spray can will cost between $10-20 USD. This is less expensive than a fire extinguisher which costs between $30-100+ to purchase.

Fire aerosol sprays can be bought in packs of 2 or more as well.

Which is Better: Fire Aerosol Spray Or Fire Extinguisher

Considering the many benefits of fire aerosol spray cans, one might think they are the better option for putting out fires. However, according to Consumer Reports, fire aerosol sprays have significant disadvantages.

These include:

  • False sense of security.
  • Grease fires can flare up before being put out completely.
  • They have no pressure indicators.

This is opposed to fire extinguishers that include:

  • Special contents for each type of fire (A,B,C, etc.)
  • Varying sizes
  • Include pressure indicators
  • Rechargeable
  • Long lasting (up to 10 years)

Since fires are so unpredictable and very dangerous, it may be best to purchase a multi-purpose fire extinguisher that is fully charged, rather than an aerosol spray.

In Closing

Whether you choose to use a fire extinguisher or a fire aerosol spray can, always remember to keep safety in mind. If the fire gets too far out of control, it is better to exit the premises and call the fire department.

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