11 Jobs That Require Box Cutters

Box cutters are common and useful tools for opening and cutting all sorts of enclosures and materials. They’re typically small, lightweight and easy to operate. Because of their versatility and convenience, box cutters are a favorite tool of many professionals. Here are some jobs that may require box cutters:

#1 Carpenter

Carpenters use box cutters to quickly and easily open boxes of nails, screws and other materials. They also use box cutters to trim small wood pieces from counter tops and siding. Construction workers use box cutters to cut drywall, insulation, and other materials. This is a necessary tool for this job.

#2 Warehouse Shipping / Receiving

Warehouse workers use box cutters all the time. This is a necessary tool for this job. Warehouse workers need to open boxes, cut tape, twine, rope, and cut old boxes up and recycle them. Box cutters are essential for these task.

They’re indispensible for quickly and easily cutting through boxes, packaging materials, and other objects.

#3 Artist

Artists use box cutters from time to time to trim thick materials into the shapes they desire. Some artists work with cardboard, or thick foam and box cutters are strong enough to cut these materials while giving enough precise control. Along with other cutting insruments, box cutters can come in handy for certain tasks.

#4 Farmer / Wine Maker

Farmers of all types use box cutters to open boxes of parts and tools, along with seeds and food samples. They also use box cutters as a general purpose cutting tool for anything they need to get done.

Box Cutter Yellow Handle

Farmers and wine makers work with all kinds of equipment that may need wires cut, rust or paint scraped off, and having rope or tape removed.

The farm and grape fields need to keep operating from the start of growing season all the way to harvest, and box cutters are a jack-of-all trade cutting tool that famers and wine makers should have around.

#5 Lab Technician

Lab technicians use box cutters to open supply boxes or bags that contain chemicals or special mixtures. Similar to warehouse workers, lab technicians often need to ship and recieve packages to universities, companies, or government agencies. Having this tool allows them to work productively within the lab.

#6 Teacher / Student

Teachers may use box cutters to open supply boxes or cut or trim presentation boards. Ordering books or supplies online will present themsevles at the door in a box or large package. Scissors, box cutters, or razor blades can be used to open them.

However, teachers may need to keep their box cutters hidden away in their desks so that students will not use them, as this can create a safety risk.

#7 Construction Worker

Construction workers, especially those that work in building trades, sometimes use box cutters to remove tape, straps, rope, or plastic. They trim wallboard and insulation, or cut wood to fit door hinges just right. Box cutters are a useful too to keep in their tool belts with them while they are working.

#8 Store Owner

Shop owners must open boxes and sometimes shrink wrap for packaging new items either received or shipped out.

They sometimes have to ship products to customers that cannot pick them up in person. So, box cutters are a necessity for small shops to have on hand.

#9 Electrician

Electricians, like carpenters or construction workers, often have to cut wires, tape, or wood to make appliances or components fit. Electricians use box cutters to strip insulation from wires. They often need to cut wallboard and trim wood to get into the building walls where electric wires and hardware is located.

Among other tools, box cutters can really help electricians accomplish their tasks when under time constraints so they can get the facility’s electricity flowing again.

#10 Police Officer

Police officers and emergency responders often carry box cutters as part of their standard gear. They may need to quickly cut clothing or restraints to access a wound or free a suspect.

Police officers may need box cutters to cut zip ties, get into vehicle compartments, open boxes or bags, or to perform detective tasks. Box cutters are simply a useful tool to have for police officers in the line of duty.

#11 Janitor

Janitors, along with cleaning, need to do whatever needs doing to keep a facility clean and running efficiently. Many times, this includes using box cutters to open boxes of cleaning supplies, food, or other items. Sometimes cardboard boxes or debris piles up at the location and must be removed. Box cutters and other cutting tools allow janitors to rid the sites of these.

In Summary

This list is by no means complete as box cutters can be used by just about anyone to cut materials or open boxes. But with their usefulness comes a certain level of danger. Box cutters can be dangerous tools if not handled properly.

So, whichever profession you do that uses box cutters, keep safety in mind if and when you choose to use them as the blade is strong and sharp.

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