Do You Need a Permit for a Diesel Generator?

In today’s heavily regulated world, permits are required for just about everything. But are diesel generators one of these? The answer may depend on where you live and when the generator was purchased. Keep reading below to find out more.

Do Diesel Generators Require a Permit?

Diesel generators are considered engines, and most jurisdictions have rules and regulations in place for their use. In general, diesel generators fall under the category of “air pollution control devices.” As such, they may require a permit from your local air quality control.

Permits are required for the majority of long-term power generation projects. Consult your local air pollution control authority to find out whether any permits are needed. It’s possible that you’ll need to secure extra licenses for safety and noise pollution in addition to those for air quality.

What generators are allowed in California?

Californians who currently possess gas-powered generators, RV generators, and lawn equipment may continue to do so. However, there will be no new gas-powered models made or sold after 2024.

What is the difference between a generator and a diesel generator?

Diesel generators do not have carburetors and instead utilize compression to generate electricity, unlike gas generators, which are prone to malfunction. In terms of fuel efficiency, diesel generators have a longer lifespan and consume less fuel than other generators.

How long can a diesel generator power a house?

While a standby generator can power a medium-sized house for up to 3,000 hours on average, using one for more than 500 hours is not advised.

Are diesel generators banned in California?

“Small off-road engines” were the subject of a new rule by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) which effectively outlaws the sale of portable generators in the state that do not meet zero-emission standards after 2028.

Is it illegal to own a generator in California?

Portable gas generators will no longer be sold in 2028 in California as a way to help the state meet its goal of lowering harmful pollution and creating a carbon-free economy.

Related Questions and Answers

Can you run a diesel generator 24 7?

A 24-hour tank is standard for most diesel generators, although 48- and 72-hour tanks are also available. Turning off a diesel generator for a few hours will allow it to cool down before refilling. Natural gas generators may theoretically operate eternally since they are linked to a home’s natural gas pipes.

Are Heinrich Motorgerate generators any good?

This video should help answer this question:

How efficient are large diesel generators?

There are certain diesel generators that are capable of producing up to 80% of their entire load capacity with a maximum efficiency of 40%. That indicates that for every 100 units of energy input, 40 units of output are generated.

Who makes diesel generators?

Caterpillar, the world’s leading producer of construction and mining equipment, offers high-quality generator sets. It offers both diesel- and gas-powered generators, ranging from 7kW to 16,200kW, in numerous countries across the world.

Can I use a non-CARB compliant generator in California?

If you already possess a non-CARB-compliant generator, CARB standards do not prohibit you from utilizing it in California. Non-compliant generators of any size and type cannot be sold or purchased in the state.

Can I make a generator?

You can, in fact. There are several methods available for DIY generators, however, this post focuses on a small-scale electric generator. If you’re intent on producing a certain kind and size, you may look for directions online.


You may or may not need a permit to purchase or operate a diesel generator in your city or state. It is up to you to find out if one is required, or you may face fines.

“California diesel generator regulations” are similar to other states that face energy shortages. The general rule is that you must obtain a permit to operate a diesel generator within city limits.

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