The Top 7 Reasons People Die In Car Crashes

Cars are a necessary part of today’s modern world for people to get where they need (and want) to go. However, they can also be incredibly dangerous and lead to devastating crashes. If you are someone who regularly drives a car, it’s important to understand the top reasons why people die in these accidents so that you can take steps to minimize your own risks.

The top 7 reasons that people die in car crashes are:

1. Distracted Driving

Distracted drivers are significant cause of car accidents and deaths. Every year, people die in car crashes caused by distracted driving, many of which could have been prevented. There are three main types of distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive.

Visual distractions take your eyes off the road. This could include checking your phone for texts or sightseeing while driving. Manual distraction involves taking your hands off the wheel and turning your head and body posture in a way that limits your ability to drive safely. This includes changing the dial on the radio, or talking to passengers in the back seats. Cognitive distractions can occur while intoxicated, daydreaming, talking on the phone while driving, having a conversation with a passenger, or just listening to the radio.

Its important for drivers to know themselves and the warning signs that they are becoming distracted while driving before its too late.

2. Speeding

Driving faster than the speed limit can cause a fatal accident. Speed limit laws are made for a reason, to protect drivers from hazardous road conditions, match the speed of other vehicles on the road, and to not exceed the speed capacity of the roadway.

Car Wreck

If you are caught speeding, you can face serious consequences, including hefty fines and even time in jail. Additionally, a car accident caused by speeding can have devastating consequences for everyone involved.

3. Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is well-known to cause accidents. This happens when the driver is under the influence of alchohol or other drugs and their capacity to drive safely is impaired. Car accidents caused by drunk driving can be devastating, resulting in serious injuries or even death.

In addition to causing car accidents, drunk driving is also associated with a number of other negative consequences. For example, it can lead to criminal charges like DUI/DWI and fines, as well as increase the risk of getting involved in future car accidents

4. Poor Road Conditions

Poor road conditions can cause car accidents. This includes driving into potholes, near landslides, fallen trees, blown tires, trash, spilled transport contents, and even wild animals. Any of these could cause a car accident. We’ve all seen the drivers who swerve at the last minute to avoid an obstacle in the road. This sudden change in direction can often lead to an accident that may become fatal.

5. Other Reckless Drivers

Other reckless drivers can put a driver at great risk of an accident. When someone is driving recklessly, they are not following the rules of the road and are putting other drivers in danger. If you are involved in an accident with a reckless driver, you may be able to hold them liable for your damages.

6. Faulty Vehicle Maintenence

Poor vehicle maintenence can lead to accidents as well. By neglecting regular car maintenance tasks, such as changing the oil or checking tire pressure, you leave yourself vulnerable to car accidents.

A poorly maintained vehicle that has many miles on it can lead to a car accident. This can be due to old tires, bad brakes, a bad steering pump, a dirty or damaged windshield, and bad shock absorbers. Make sure to have your vehicle maintained regularly if you are a commuter.

7. Inclement Weather Conditions

Bad weather conditions can hinder a driver’s ability to navigate the road. This includes driving through heavy rain, hail, blizzards, un-plowed snow pack, heavy fog, and more. All of these weather conditions can lead to car accidents.

While car accidents can happen under many circumstances, inclement weather conditions can make them more likely. That’s why it’s important to take extra care when driving in bad weather, and to be aware of the potential dangers. If you must be on the roads during bad weather, take extra caution.

Regardless of the reason for auto accidents, its important to be aware the moment you start your car the risks involved with driving. Make sure to drive carefully to avoid becoming a statistic.

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