Why Does Foam Dull Box Cutters?

Box cutters are known for being sharp and tough enough to handle a variety of cutting tasks, not just opening cardboard boxes. But some materials are harder to cut than others, and this includes foam. So why does foam dull box cutters? Find out below.

Can You Cut Foam With A Box Cutter?

Yes, box cutters can cut foam boards, rolls, and even mattresses. This is a soft and flexible material that nearly any type of knife can cut through. However, foam tends to dull blades of knives rather quickly. Why is this so?

Why Does Foam Dull Box Cutters?

Box cutters are sharp, so it’s interesting why they would dull while cutting foam.

However, cutting foam tends to dull knives quickly. Why is this so?

Cutting foam often requires putting extra force into the knife to cut through it. All this force gets concentrated to a few points along the blade. This ends up being quite a bit for the edge of the blade to handle.

The foam is also made of tough polymer and has molecular properties that cause it to stick to the blade enough to create wear.

You may cut only a few linear feet of foam before the blade gets dull. If the blade gets too dull, the knife will no longer produce sharp cuts and will tear the foam instead.

The solution is to keep a stone sharpener nearby and sharpen the blade often. Or, continue to replace the blade as it gets dull. The best option may be to use a hot wire foam cutters may be best for quickly cutting foam, rather than using a knife or box cutters.

Can You Whittle With Box Cutters?

Yes, you can whittle wood using box cutters. The sturdy sharp blade is capable of cutting small chips of wood off a piece of wood work.

However, box cutters are not ideal for carving or whittling wood. For this, you can select special wood carving tools and knives such as chip knife or whittlin knife.

If you use box cutters to whittle wood, the blade may get stuck or break off. Box cutters are especially not suited for cutting out curved pieces of wood.

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Can Box Cutters Cut Fabric?

Yes, box cutters can cut fabric. Types of fabric box cutters can cut include:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Wool
  • Denim
  • Nylon

Box cutters may be able to cut kevlar if it is laying flat on a table or cutting board. However, this may dull the blade rather quickly.

Can Box Cutters Cut Tape?

Yes, box cutters can easily but tape. In fact, this is one reason they are called “box cutters” as boxes are usually closed using plastic packaging tape.

Types of tape box cutters can cut include:

  • Duct tape
  • Masking tape
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Painters tape
  • Plumbers tape

Box cutters are actually better than cutting tape than other knives. Thicker duct tape, for example, may be difficult to cut using an exacto knife or small scissors.

Foam and other materials can be cut using box cutters, and each one will have a different affect on how long the blades stays sharp. We hope this post has helped you understand that just a little bit better. As always, keep safey in mind when you set off on your next cutting task to prevent any unnecessary injuries to yourself or others.

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