YETI 3000X Power Station Error Codes & Fixes

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000X portable power station is a mobile power unit that can run your devices just about wherever you need them. However, it can run into some difficulties while operating. Here are some of the most common issues:

Error – Devices do not Recharge From the Yeti


The unit may have output ports turned off. The battery power could also be too low or the battery has suffered damage. The machine may also have a trip, which can be seen by the red lights lit up near the output ports. Devices not rated for the Yeti’s maximum draw power will exceed the unit’s specification which can cause an overload. This can appear as a temperature warning icon appearing on the LCD screen.


Check the white LED light on the output power button to see if it is lit up. If not, turn on the output port. If the unit has a trip, press the power button to reset it. The red lights will then turn white. If the temperature of the unit is too high, disconnect the appliances and allow it to cool.

Also, make sure the battery power is not too low by checking the battery status icon on the LCD screen. If it is at 20% or less, plug the unit into the solar panel, or use the provided AC adapter or car charger to power up the battery. If the ‘battery requires attention’ icon appears on the LCD screen, contact Yeti customer support because the battery may have a more severe issue.

Error – Wifi Does Not Connect


The Wifi may not connect to the Yeti due to the unit, or the Wifi source having its own problem.


Set the Yeti into Wifi connection mode by pressing and holding the Wifi button for 3 seconds. Once the Wifi symbol on the screen flashes, reconnect your device. Follow the instructions in the Goal Zero Yeti App to complete the process.

Error – Humming Sound Coming From the Yeti


While using the Yeti, a humming sound comes from the unit while the attached appliances are all turned off.


The Yeti should be silent while operating. This problem could be caused by the inverter and AC port being both turned on at the same time. First, try turning off the AC port to see if the humming goes away.

If the sound persists, reset the machine as recommended by the user manual or Goal Zero Support. Hold the “units” and “info” buttons together for 7-10 seconds to do this. The Yeti unit should beep, after which you can let the button go. A second reset may be required along with the first one. To do this, lift up the lid and press the button with the green circle that is next to the Wifi button for 5-7 seconds. The password in the app will be reset to the default which is “GOALZERO”. The humming sound should stop after these two resets are complete.

If any additional issues arise, you can contact the Goal Zero Yeti Customer Solutions Center at 1-888-794-6250 or by email at

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