10 Uses for Brush Pants

Brush pants can give you protection from the elements both outdoors and indoors. They work by protecting the legs from scrapes, wetness, pokes, and punctures.

Uses for Brush Pants

#1 Hunting

Hunting often means pursuing an animal or game through brush and other ground debris. The terrain can be varied and distances vast when on a hunt. This means having brush pants will keep you protected while focusing on the goal in front of you.

Today’s hunters need clothes that are waterproof, windproof, and allows for freedom of movement. Brush pants come in many different colors, and camouflage print if needed.

#2 Hiking

Hiking often presents many opportunities to go off-trail, or there is no trail to begin with! This means walking through brush, around trees, over branches and sticks, and around boulders. You never know exactly what the trail (or lack of one) will present. Brush pants can also prevent insect bites from bees, gnats, fleas, mosquitoes, and spiders (however ticks require special considerations).

Brush pants can serve in place of hiking pants to give protection to hikers while not sacrificing comfort. Brush pants offer protection and a degree of warmth in a variety of weather conditions. If you do not own a dedicated pair of hiking pants, brush pants are an adequate replacement.

#3 Ranching / Farming

10 Uses For Brush Pants

Ranches are filled with all kinds of grasses, brush, puddles, creeks, and debris. Varied terrain means you can be poked, scraped, splashed or bitten while doing your task. Cattle and other ranch animals can roam into areas that are not easy to traverse on foot and present obstacles that can cause physical harm to the leg areas. Brush pants are great for ranchers and farmers to have.

#4 Gardening

Wading through and around a garden and plants/vegetables may affect the legs. Brush pants are an option for gardeners that want that extra protection. For instance, thorns are one of the most common gardening problems.

A great way to protect yourself is to wear a pair of brush pants. Brush pants also offer protection from the dirt, rocks and grit that you kneel on while gardening.

They also keep you healthy by preventing your legs from being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals in pesticides and fertilizers spread on your vegetables and fruits.

Bees and spiders enjoy gardens and could cause a painful sting if you sit or kneel on one. Another reason to wear brush pants!

Brush pants are a great alternative to jeans or khakis that you don’t want to stain or otherwise ruin just to enjoy working in the garden.

#5 Brush Clearing

Clearing brush means getting into close contact with thorns, brush and debris. In these situations, you will poked and scratched constantly. Khakis or jeans with weak tear resistance simply won’t protect your or hold up to the abuse. Brush pants are ideal to wear for brush clearing.

#6 Scouting / Prospecting

Scouting and mineral prospecting likely means entering into regions and terrain with unknown obstacles, trees, and plants. There are also insects to consider, meaning possible bites that could lead to significant irritation, or worse as in the case of ticks. Thus, brush pants are ideal for the scout or prospector so they can focus on what they are searching for.

#7 Outdoor Guiding

If you work as a outdoor guide, brush pants are well suited for this task. They can even offer protection from scrapes from rocks within caves or near ledges. Basically, brush pants will minimize these risks of injury while you share information to others about the region you guide them through.

#8 Indoor Light Construction

Brush pants can even be worn indoors! You can wear them for house cleaning, light construction work, and home repairs. Brush pants are versatile and provide broad protection while being comfortable to wear. They are especially good at resisting small punctures from nails, hooks, or wood splinters.

#9 Fishing

If you fish from the banks of lakes, ponds or rivers, you will undoubtedly have to force yourself through some thick brush to get to the best water. Brush pants will protect you from thistles, cattails, razor grass and no-see-ums. They may even thwart a glancing bite from a rattlesnake or water moccasin.

#10 Extra Protection When Worn Over Your Other Pants

You can wear brush pants over jeans or khakis for extra protection from fluids or punctures. You can wear them indoors and outdoors for any task that might put you in contact with such risky elements.

However, this might cause too much heat in the leg areas, depending on the climate you are in. Breathability may be hindered and sweat could build up on the surface of the skin if it becomes too hot. So, perhaps it is best to wear only brush pants and leave your other pants in the dresser.

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