Abducted By Aliens? – Top Safety Tips

Abduction by aliens is a topic that has been discussed and written about for many years now. Many people from different countries around the world claim to have experienced some form of alien encounter and some of them were able to document their stories in great detail. In fact, alien abductions may soon increase as the second space race happening right now heats up.

If this ever happens to you, make sure to remember these top safety tips.

Abducted by UFO – Top Safety Tips

#1. Run Away

This one seems obvious but some people may not run away when an alien ship arrives nearby. If it is at night, the bright lights may mesmerize them and their curiosity could lead them to stop and stare. If the alien ship is looking for a human specimen, you will be an easy target unless you run away. Even if you do, however, the ship’s tractor beam could still get a hold of you and suck you in.

Regardless, it is certainly worth a try, so at least you will remember what happened and be able to sleep in your own bed. The point is, don’t let aliens take you willingly.

#2. Get Alien Evidence

If you are abducted by aliens, this is a prime time to get evidence to take with you when you are released back on earth. Make sure to grab something off the counter or table to prove that it was a real abduction. This can include:

  • Ash tray
  • Garbage
  • Tools
  • Utensils
  • Equipment or gadgets
  • Stuff that looks alien-like

This will also silence the doubters of extraterrestrial life and finally prove that humans are not alone in the universe.

#3 No Eye Contact

The aliens that abduct you may not have eyes that resemble those of humans. However, if they do, make sure to avoid eye contact with them. This is especially important in the early stages of the abduction before they decide what they will do to you. If you make eye contact with the wrong alien, you could end up without memory and some unexplained physical issues when you get home (if you ever do).

#4. Don’t Fight Back

Do not try and fight your alien captors because they likely have powerful weapons and extra-human abilities to subdue you. However, if it is a one-on-one situation and you are a skilled martial artist, you may succeed. The aliens might kill you anyway, so this might be worth a try.

If you are in the medical bay, the alien doctors and technicians may not be able to fight you, so it could be easier than you think. You might want to focus on the underlings, and not the head alien if you can spot them.

#5 Make for the Exit

If you attempt an escape, you will have to somehow find a way out of the ship. If the aliens have not messed with your memory or inserted any probes in you, you may be able to remember how you got there. Follow your journey backward and this could lead you to the ship’s exit.

#6. Do Not Attempt A Takeover Of The Ship

If you are lucky enough to get away from the ship’s medical bay and subdue a few little green men along the way, you should simply leave the way you came in. Do not try and take over the ship from the aliens. Sure, that would be awesome and you would be a real-life action hero, but the chances of success are almost zero.

There are likely security aliens onboard who will easily take you down when you attempt to enter the captain’s bay. Also, even if you are a trained airplane pilot, flying an alien spaceship is a whole different thing altogether.

When Do Alien Abductions Happen?

Alien abductions happen without humans first making contact with the extraterrestrial civilization.

During a UFO Attack

An alien abduction could happen after a massive UFO attack and they collect live specimens from the destroyed human civilization. Aliens likely went all this way to attack earth for obtaining resources, but collecting humans for medical testing is a nice bonus and can enhance their understanding of life. They may even attempt to incorporate human abilities into their own.

When Alone In the Woods

However, most alien abductions are experienced as one-off events on a single individual alone in the forest where not many people live. Many abductees describe lights in the trees and some energy force or being grabbing them from behind or from above. Once abducted, they could go missing for days, or even weeks, and many of their friends and family may assume they are dead.

Inspecting the area of the event will also point to an alien abduction because there will not be any lights or structures nearby and no marks on the ground

Avoiding An Alien Abduction

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. So, you want to avoid an alien abduction as much as possible, rather than deal with the after-effects of one.

An important thing to do is to not try to communicate with them. They might decide you are worth hunting down and abducting to get more information from. Also, do not go out into the woods at night alone or get separated from your friends while camping. This also helps stay safe in all types of dangerous situations, not just those involving UFOs.

However, if you cannot avoid being abducted, remember these safety tips.

UFO Spotting

There are ways to spot UFOs from a distance and not be seen. However, they may have thermal vision devices and be able to easily sense your body heat.

To spot UfOs, use:

  • Night vision goggles
  • Night lenses on your camera
  • Nighttime binoculars
  • Telescopes

UFO Recording

Getting a UFO recording is difficult, but not impossible. Since UFOs are of alien origin they likely have more advanced technology than anything humans have. Because of this, the spacecraft may not be picked up by radar, satellite, sound measuring device, or video camera. However, one of these sensing technologies may fail while another may work in recording a UFO. Using a video camera on the ground or in an airplane could capture a UFO sighting.

What Do UFO’s Look Like?

UFOs most often look like unexplained areal phenomena, which are not easily described in detail. However, those that are spotted up close have certain defining features.

UFO Spaceship – What Do They Look Like?

The Hollywood version of UFOs and alien spaceships are often of silver flying saucers that zoom around fast and can hover above the ground. This also depends on if it is the mothership or not. Other details include:

  • Silver, grey, metallic in color
  • Blinking lights
  • A central core with a laser weapon mounted below
  • A round bubble in the top middle
  • Lasers mounted on the front and sides
  • Ability to hover above the ground
  • Ability to change directions quickly, both vertically and horizontally
  • If a mothership, then extremely large in size

A UFO spacecraft could look like this or it could be entirely different, perhaps not resembling a spaceship at all. This is one reason why so many UFO sightings go unexplained.

Alien Surgery

If you are abducted by aliens, you may end up in the surgery room where you will be experimented on, probed in your orifices, and perhaps given an alien implant. Aliens came a long way from their homeworld to earth, so they want close physical examinations of human bodies and will stop at nothing to get them.

Do not be surprised if they take samples of hair, skin, or fluids from your body, and poke or insert objects into you.

Alien Implant

Many alien abduction survivors have claimed that the aliens had implanted small devices in them during their stay on the ship. Some of these may be hidden just under the skin on one of the victim’s limbs (hands, legs, toes) or deep within their body cavity.

Skeptics believe these are just shards of glass, plastic, or metal that the person may have had inserted during an accident and are not actual alien implants. A small shard of glass or metal could have been lodged under the skin when the person fell or was walking barefoot, then surrounded by scar tissue over time.

Such “alien implants” can be picked up by x-ray, which is when many victims first spot them. This could be years after the initial event.

However, if aliens had actually implanted the device into the person, then the person not being aware of it can be beneficial to the purpose of the implant. Alien implants are believed to be used as trackers, or markers for the victim, as well as possible communication devices, or for long-term human medical studies.

Communicate With Aliens – Is it Possible?

It is possible to communicate with aliens, either before or after they have abducted you or someone you know. This includes:

  • Telepathically
  • Verbally
  • Hand Gestures
  • In dreams
  • Using a mathematical language
  • Using pictures
  • Using Morse code
  • Sending Algorithmic messages
  • Sending digital pictures

Abducted by aliens is the phenomenon wherein a person is suddenly grabbed, held tightly, telekinetically removed from his or her own body, and taken somewhere completely unknown – sometimes nowhere, never again. This could lead to severe injury, both mentally and physically. You always want to know what to do if you are ever abducted by aliens so that you can stay as safe as possible.

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