Alien Invasion! – Steps To Stay Safe

An alien invasion is a significant event in human history. It puts just about every human on earth at risk of injury, capture, or death. However, this also depends on the types of aliens that do the invading. In this post, we discuss how to prepare yourself for this and what you need to do to stay safe.


#1: Hide In Your Basement or Attic

If the mother ship blasts your city or town, you will be the safest underground for the time being. Hiding in the attack means you could be destroyed along with your house if the aliens shoot their giant laser beam near your area.

However, hiding in your attic or uppermost floor will allow you to jump out the window and escape if the aliens enter your house. It might be better though to have an exit from your basement that leads out of the house and onto the property.

#2: Don’t Talk To Your Co-workers

Aliens may have infiltrated your workplace in the form of co-worker abduction or taken their bodily form as a host. Your real co-worker may no longer be alive or be imprisoned on the mothership. Or, it could be your real co-worker that has been mind hijacked and controlled remotely by the aliens. So, during and after an alien invasion, keep your distance as best you can from your coworkers, but without letting on that you are wary of them.

#3: Stay Out Of The Cities

Cites are the economic, cultural, and often political capitals of human civilization. To subdue the human race, the alien mothership will attack and destroy major cities around the globe. So, if you live in or near a major urban center, you should attempt to leave as quickly as possible before or during an alien invasion. Avoiding large shopping centers is also a good idea, such as Walmart or Costco.

Alien Invasion Attack

#4: Don’t Drive On Paved Roads Or Freeways

The aliens have likely mapped out all the major roadways and freeways that humans use to travel quickly to and from urban centers in your country. So, if you want to avoid being captured or killed by the alien ships, avoid using paved roads or highways. Stick to traveling on dirt roads and those not often used as these are less likely to be targeted by aliens.

#5: Arm Yourself With A Weapon

This goes without saying. You want to be armed with a weapon of some sort to at least be able to protect yourself and delay your alien attacker so you can escape. It is likely no human weapon will be very effective against an alien due to their advanced technology. However, a baseball bat, club, or hammer may come in handy and give an alien a nice thumping when it least expects it.

Some weapons you could use include:

  • Rifle or gun of some sort
  • Extra ammunition
  • Flame thrower or torch
  • Baseball bat
  • Spear
  • Sword
  • Acid
  • Knife
  • Speaker to blast sound waves

#6: Obtain Survival Gear

Since the cities and towns are likely to be attacked and destroyed, you may have to rough it for awhile until you can link up with other groups of humans. This means having the right survival gear to stay alive, including the basics of food, water, and clothing. Other gear includes:

  • Hunting knife
  • Compass
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • First aid kit
  • Maps
  • Radio
  • Tin foil
  • Mirror
  • Canned food
  • Generator
  • Walkie-talkies

#7: Gather Food

You are going to need to eat while you are hiding or running from alien attackers. This means finding or obtaining good sources of food. If you live in the country you could hunt for birds or dear, or gather vegetables from local farmland. It is almost certain that the stores will be overrun with people trying to get the basics. So, you will not be able to depend on your local supermarket or liquor store to fill your needs.

#8: Stay Away From The Ocean

Going to the beach during an alien invasion is not the best idea. First, it traps you on the coast, so any aliens inland can get to you and you will have nowhere to go but to swim into the ocean.

Also, alien motherships will likely hover just off the coast where they can’t be touched by ground forces so you will be their first target as they move inland.

Not to mention tidal waves produced by alien lasers blasting ships, or even caused by the mothership’s exhaust. This can cause huge waves to ripple towards the beaches leaving people there to get washed away.

#9: Stay Away From Livestock

Aliens can sense life using their scanners, and large livestock such as cows and horses are obvious to them. If you hand out on a farm, stay away from the livestock there as it will attract aliens to your location.

Aliens are also potentially looking for food for themselves in the form of meat. They could also look for animals to run medical experiments on. It is likely they expect humans to use livestock for food so will look to these locations to find you as well.

#10. Link Up With Others To Form Small Groups

You want to avoid big clumsy groups of people that attract attention. Aliens will be able to spot these easily and you will end up being targeted.

However, if you can link up with skilled people and form a small band of effective team members, then you will be more likely to survive.

#11. Set Up A Home Basecamp

With your small team of skilled workers, you could set up a hidden basecamp, perhaps in the mountains or underground where you are more likely to survive and outlast the invasion.

From this base camp, you can even launch attacks on the aliens and even drive them away. If this works, you and your team could end up saving humanity!

#12. Destroy The Alien Mothership

If you cut off the head of a snake, it will die. The same seems to be true of alien invaders that rely on the mothership to give instructions and supply the necessary base of operations.

So, if you get a chance to, by all means, destroy the alien mothership and the invasion may be called off.

Safety Steps To Take During An Alien Invasion

Getting UFO Footage

If there is an alien invasion, you might as well get some footage. It could help you and your fellow survivors figure out how to defeat the aliens by spotting weaknesses in their behavior and technology. Plus, when the day comes when they finally leave, you can show your grandchildren what it was really like.

Recording A UFO Video

If you are ever caught in an alien invasion, then you are not alone. This means someone will be getting a video of the event. Regardless, having some evidence with you may help in case you need to remember details about it for the future. This may mean being able to spot a UFO ship as it comes over the horizon, allowing you to hide or escape.

Taking A UFO picture

You can use your smartphone’s video camera, or just a regular camera to get a UFO picture. If you use your cellphone you will need a battery that is charged, so make sure to plug it into your carport. Try to take more than one picture if you can because some of them could be out of focus.

Alien Weapons – How Powerful Are They?

Alien superweapons can be pretty powerful. In fact, they can totally destroy man-made landmarks and even entire cities. These are often ultra-high powered lasers that beam energy down from the mother ship as it hovers over its target. Some superweapons are designed to produce intense heat, while others are made to simply blast everything to bits.

Aliens can also have very powerful hand-carried weapons, called phasers. These are more advanced than human-made guns and can likely penetrate any type of body armor. They can kill a person or just render them helpless by adjusting their settings. This all depends on if the aliens are trying to take survivors or not.

Aliens could also have psychic, or psionic powers that can affect human health, thought, and activity. Undercover aliens could have James Bond-like tiny weaponry that can harm a person in some way.

Aliens With Big Heads – Why Do They Have Them?

Aliens are believed to have big heads because they have evolved much larger brains than earthbound humans. Because they travel in space, their body size needs to be less (takes up less space) and their brains more powerful to handle the technical nature of their civilization. It is also believed that aliens may communicate telepathically, so their brains also need to be able to process this. This depends as well on which alien species it is, as they do not all look or act the same.

Alien Abductions

During an alien invasion, some humans may be abducted and taken to the mothership where they will become slaves or used for medical experiments. Whatever you do, just try to avoid being abducted by the aliens.

Visited By Aliens

Being visited by aliens will likely happen separately from a UFO invasion. This will be a much more toned-down situation where most people will not notice it happening nearby. The person being visited by the aliens may have trouble ever proving that it ever happened, and may not have much memory of it. So, in these situations, it is best to try and get as much evidence of the visit as possible to be used later as proof.

For more information, see our post on Alien Abduction – Top Safety Tips.

Alien Evidence And Artifacts

If you come into contact with alien materials and artifacts, be careful. These alien materials and artifacts can be dangerous if handled improperly or not properly identified. Once handled incorrectly, you could become an alien creature yourself! I have heard of stories from clients that were working on an alien spacecraft that developing life or sentience.

Some of these alien beings were friendly, while others were not. If you work in the Alien research field you will most likely deal with both friendly and non-friendly alien life forms. It is important that you remain cautious and do not let yourself become attached to anyone alien. You would not want to pass off a human as an alien and you would not want to receive an alien body or technology, because it would not be safe.

Different Type of Aliens

Believe it or not, but there are known to be many different types of aliens roaming outer space. Many of these resemble humans in some way. These include:

  • Martians
  • Xenomorphs
  • Arcturians
  • Pleiadians
  • Anunnaki
  • Alpha Draconians
  • Reptilians

Each of these species of aliens has different sizes, colors, shapes, behavior, and communication methods. Knowing which one is invading your area could help you know how to best protect yourself.

How Tall Are Aliens?

Aliens can be very small, or very large. Their height can range from just a few inches to upwards of 20 feet.

Most aliens are small in size in comparison to humans because space travel requires less size to fit inside spaceships that can be cramped. Also, there is no need for large strong bodies for advanced technological societies of their homeworld.

Most alien species have bigger than human-sized heads and long skinny limbs.

Aliens With Big Eyes

Like an insect, an alien’s eyes are larger so they can see more of their environment and take in more light while traveling in deep space. Their eyes may also have special powers to pick up details the human eyes cannot. Their eyes may also have multiple eye-lids to cover them when needed and decrease or increase the light entering their eyes.

Why Are Aliens Green?

Most people think of aliens as little green spacemen with big heads. This is probably due to science fiction movies and comics that have portrayed this and it simply took hold in popular culture. The green color of the alien could relate to its behavior, as a green alien that is human-like in form is actually a trickster to fool humans.

In truth, we don’t know what color skin an alien race will have. This depends on a number of factors including their homeworld environment, and the species that they descended from.

If aliens wish to make contact with our civilization, they will come with their robots. The other option they have is to just send human beings they have captured and taken their bodily form. We need to be very careful when dealing with alien life forms and their technologies. The last thing we need is for them to make a mess or attack us first.

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