Baldr P500B Power Station Error Codes & Fixes

The Baldr Pioneer P500B portable power station can provide you with the energy to run your appliances and devices locally or in remote locations. However, some issues can arise while using this machine, including:

Error – Connected Devices are not Charging


This occurs when the output ports are not activated, the battery power is too low, or the devices do not match the specifications for the output ports as described in the General Specifications section of the user manual.


Disconnect devices from the unit. Recharge the Pioneer and turn on the ports by pressing the DC/USB/AC Output On/Off buttons for the ports. Before reconnecting the devices, check and make sure they are suitable to be used with the unit. If they are, connect and continue charging them.

Error – P500B Will Not Charge


This occurs when the power source or the battery is having issues. The battery level will not change on the LCD screen when this happens. This can also happen if there is a watt overload condition. If the power source is too weak, the watt range on the Input Status shown on the LCD screen will appear as 0 to 10.


Check the battery level over time to see if it increases while charging. Also, check the display for an Overload indicator. Make sure the wall outlet is functioning properly and can provide adequate power output. Then, make sure the wall plug cord is inserted fully into the DC input before trying to charge again. Only use the AC wall plug power adapter that was provided with the unit upon purchase.

Error – P500B Fails to Start


This can occur if there is a battery issue, the wall outlet fails to charge the battery, or the unit has been sitting in storage for too long.


Charge the unit immediately after you purchase it. Do not let the Pioneer sit too long in storage or it may fail to start. Charge the unit for at least 10 minutes without interruption before trying to restart it. If the machine continues to not start, call the

If any of these solutions do not fix the problems, contact Baldr Customer Support.

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