Zendure 500 Superbase Power Station Error Codes & Fixes

The Zendura 500 Superbase portable power station may be the unit you need to power essential devices and appliances while changing locations. However, this machine does face some issues that can occur while operating it, including:

Error – Unit Protection Starts While Charging Devices


This appears as an AC/DC/USB error flashing on the screen indicating a possible problem with the connected device(s) drawing too much power from the ports.


Disconnect any devices from the ports and press the AC/DC button to stop the error from flickering on the screen.

Error – Temperature Protection Activated


This can be due to the battery temperature becoming too high. This appears as the OTP icon flashing on the screen.


Disconnect all output devices and input power supply. Allow the unit to cool down and protection will stop automatically. Reconnect devices and inputs and continue using the machine.

If these solutions fail to fix the problem, there may be a much more serious issue with the unit or the battery. It this is the case, then Contact Zendura Customer Support for further assistance.

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Nick Klamecki, Author
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