11 Dremel Safety Tips

Following recommended safety tips when using a dremel will help keep you safe. Dremel tools are very safe if used properly, but many users just dive in without taking precautions. This post will provide some useful safety tips for your Dremel you can use right away.

Dremel Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips you can follow when using your dremel:

  1. Read the user’s manual. This will help guide you on how to use it and the functioning of each component.
  2. Inspect the dremel prior to each use for any damage. If you find any, do not use it.
  3. Use only the right bits and attachments.
  4. Insert all bits fully into the dremel’s collet or chuck.
  5. Do not stand within the bits rotating plane to avoid any expelled particles.
  6. Wear goggles, safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection.
  7. Make sure other people stay out of the work area to avoid flying material or broken bits.
  8. Fix the material or object in a vice before cutting. Do not hold the material with one hand while cutting with the other.
  9. Hold the dremel cutting tool firmly while using it.
  10. Do not start the dremel in the middle of a cut. Let it spin to full speed before approaching the material.
  11. Never put the dremel down until it has fully stopped rotating.

Is It Safe To Dremel Glass?

Yes, but only if you use the right dremel bit for cutting or polishing glass. Also, it is important to tape the glass and use water to dampen any glass particles from releasing while cutting. Always wear safety glasses when cutting glass with a dremel.

Is It Safe To Dremel Plastic?

Yes, it is safe to dremel plastic using a plastic cutting bit. Plastic is a softer material than stone or steel, so should not be a problem to cut with a dremel. Just be careful not to cut too much as the blade or bit will easily go through it.

Dremel Safety

Dremel Injuries

Dremels can indeed cause injuries. Some of these include:

  • Cuts
  • Scrapes and abrasions
  • Eye and face injuries
  • Hand injuries

This is why it is important to follow recommended safety tips when using a Dremel.

Can A Dremel Explode?

No, not likely. However this depends on what you mean by “explode”. A dremel can break while being used it, particularly the bit which can cause peices to fly off.

However the dremel grinding bit could break into pieces and fly away when used on certain materials. This can lead to injuries, which is why its important to stay away from the cutting plane.

When cutting hard material with a dremel, the bit or wheel can heat up and become damaged to the point of exploding.

The more likely scenario is that the bit or cutting wheel becomes clogged when used on steel, plastic, iron, or brass, and wears down faster.

Can A Dremel Catch Fire?

No, a dremel will not likely catch fire on its own.

However, a dremel could CAUSE a fire when using it to cut or grind metal. This can produce sparks that can ignite combustible materials or fluids. This can lead to a large fire in your garage or shop. This is why its important to keep the work area clear of anything that can catch on fire from sparks, such as gas tanks or chemical soaked rags.

Using a Dremel to cut an iPhone can cause the iPhone to catch fire, so watch out! Sparks can impact the face and eyes, so wear a face shield or safety glasses.

In Closing

Dremels are safe and effective cutting tools when used properly. Keeping safety in mind and following these tips will help prevent you from being injured when using your dremel.

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