YETI 200X Power Station Error Codes & Fixes

The Goal Zero Yeti 200X portable power station is a compact and useful unit that can provide you with the power needed to run your appliance and devices in remote settings. However, some issues can arise that can hinder its proper function, including:

Error – Devices are not Charging


The connected devices, such as phones, tablets, or laptops are not charging when connected to the Yeti.


Ensure the output port(s) are turned on and the LED light on the front is lit up. If any of the lights are red, then reset the dock by pressing the button. If successful, the light will turn white and connected devices should charge.

Also, check the charge of the battery. If it is at or below 20%, then recharge it.

Error – Overload Warning


The power drawn from the ports by appliances or devices exceeds their maximum allowance. This is evident by the red light that appears next to the port.


Check the maximum energy allowance of the ports in the Yeti’s user manual as well as the device’s manual. If the energy specs of the device or appliance exceed the port’s maximum output, this is the problem. Disconnect the devices and only connect those that meet the recommended energy output of the Yeti.

Error – High-Temperature Warning


This can be due to a unit overload, operating the Yeti in a hot environment, or a battery issue.


Disconnect the Yeti and any device from it and allow the machine cool. Reboot the unit and check if the temperature warning remains. If it does, it could have a battery issue or other internal problems. Contact the Goal Zero Yeti Customer Solutions Center at 1-888-794-6250 or by email at for additional assistance.

If any of these solutions do not provide the fix needed, contact the Yeti Product Support Center.

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