Transporting A Chainsaw Safely

Transporting a chainsaw is not difficult but needs to be done a certain way to be safe. In this post, we discuss how to transport a chainsaw without causing damage to yourself, the saw, or your vehicle.

Carrying A Chainsaw

How Do You Carry A Chainsaw?

Carrying a chainsaw the right way can mean the difference between injury, or staying safe and saving energy for the job. Let’s think about the best way to carry it.

Chainsaws are heavy and awkward, so you want to distribute their weight across your body. If you put one hand on the top handle and one hand on the bottom handle then that will unbalance your chainsaw. You’ll get tired faster or injure yourself by having to lean forward just to stay on your feet.

However, carrying a small chainsaw by hand is not too hard. If you are not strong enough to do this, perhaps you should not be using a chainsaw.

Carrying A Chainsaw On Your Shoulder

A chainsaw can be carried on your shoulder. This is done by holding it with one hand and balancing it on your shoulder so the weight is pressing down on your whole body.

However, this could result in the chain digging into your shoulder. This is especially dangerous if the teeth are rusted. Special shoulder pads are available for just this reason and can save you from a painful shoulder injury.

However, since your neck is very close to the chain, this puts your carotid artery at risk of being cut. If this happens, your life could be in danger.

Transporting A Chainsaw In Your Truck

Chainsaw Cutting Ranch

There are two main ways to transporting a chainsaw; in the bed of a truck and inside a car.

Transporting a chainsaw in the back of a truck is more common than transporting one in an automobile because transporting it in an automobile may be dangerous for the chainsaw, the driver of the automobile, or the interior of the car (seats, flooring, etc.)

If you own a truck and use chainsaws, then you probably have tranpsorted one in the back of your vehicle. However, if your truck does not have a chainsaw rack or tied downs, this is not safe for the saw, your truck, or anyone nearby.

Transporting a chainsaw in a truck works well, but must be done in a safe manner. The chainsaw should not be dropped or thrown onto a truck bed, as this can damage both the saw and the truck.

Chainsaw In Truck Bed

Placing a chainsaw on a truck bed is good for temporary storage when the vehicle is not moving. However, the law requires the chainsaw be carried in a securely fastened case. Drivers who are stopped can be charged with unlawful possession of an uncased chainsaw, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Before placing a chainsaw in your truck bed, make sure the safety mechanisms (dead-man trigger) work and the fuel and oil reservoir caps are securely tightened.

If you own a truck and are considering transporting a chainsaw in the bed, it is recommended to use a chainsaw rack or tie it down securely so it does not move. If not, then perhaps only transport it inside the cabin behind the front seats.

Chainsaw Holder For Truck Bed

Chainsaw holders for truck beds are meant to keep chainsaws in place while transporting them. This is because transporting a chainsaw could lead to unexpected falls, injuries and chainsaw damage.

A chainsaw holder for truck bed can be installed without too much difficulty. There are generally two designs that are available which depend on the space in your truck bed that you have available. One on the side wall of the truck bed, and the other behind the truck cabin below the rear window.

Chainsaw holders for truck beds are usually include:

  • Metal or plastic construction
  • Adjustable chainsaw holder
  • Rubber mat
  • Metal brackets to attach to truck bed tool box (DIY or product)
  • Multi-purpose (fits shovels, axe, hammers, fishing rods, etc.)
  • Variable installation by vehicle type (F150, Super Duty, Tacoma, etc.)

DIY chainsaw holders can be set up to attack to the rear window locking cage that some pickup trucks have.

Transporting A Chainsaw In Your Car

Chainsaws are heavy tools with sharp chains, so transporting one in a car is also risky because of how easy it can be for an accident to occur.

Transporting a chainsaw in your car works, but needs to be done in a way that protects the seats from damage. Preferrably, a chainsaw should be in its plastic case, or there should be at least some padding, cardboard box, or thick throw blanket between the chainsaw and your seats.

However, since chainsaws can drip oil and fuel, it may be best to empty their reservoirs and clean them out before placing then inside your car.

Dropping A Chainsaw

Chainsaws are designed to be operated at high speeds. Dropping one on the ground could stop it operating correctly or even cause damage that makes it unsafe for use.

Before considering using a chainsaw, make sure you are strong enough to hold one. If you have trouble holding one while it is turned off, then do not try to operate one. This could lead to serious accidents.

Dropping a chainsaw will probably mean that you have to replace it. Chainsaws cost a lot of money and many people buy them with the intention of owning them for a long time.

Chainsaw Backpack

Chainsaw backpacks are designed for firefighters and woodland terrain management workers. These backpacks allow for ease in cutting through thick brush and other fodder.

Chainsaw backpacks can include space for chainsaw jackets, pants, gloves, helmets, fuel, and other stuff. They are designed to the hold the saw next to your center of gravity and minimizes bouncing or swinging while you walk.

A chainsaw backpack can be unloaded in seconds, allowing the person to use the chainsaw quickly.

Dirt Bike Chainsaw Mount

If you need to operate a chainsaw deep into the forest or on your ranch, then a dirt bike chainsaw mount can be very handy. These allow for quick access to the chainsaw for trail and road clearing and allow for fast mobility on a dirt bike.

Dirt bike chainsaws mounts attach to the handle bars and front forks to maintain bike balance. These are usually machined out of durable polymer composite, aluminum, or steel.

Useful UTV Off-Road & Trailer Chainsaw Mounts

Kolpin Off-Road Vehicle Chainsaw Mount – UTV/Trailer

Bannon Chainsaw Holder

Hornet Outdoors Roll Bar Chainsaw Mount Fits Round Roll Bars

Chainsaw Scabbard

Chainsaw scabbards are made to protect the bar and chain from damage or causing injury. A chainsaw’s large blade is extremely sharp, which increases its performance. However, Chainsaws can easily cut through skin and bone, meaning accidents can quickly occur.

For this reason chainsaw scabbards are recommended. Chainsaw scabbards should be used whenever the chainsaw is turned off or placed in storage. These are made of hard plastic and fit chainsaws bars of all sizes (12+ inches).

In Closing

Chainsaws are very effective but dangerous cutting tools. Whether in use, in storage, or being transported, these saws need to be respected for their ability to cause injuries.

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